Is the Master Rank good in Apex Legends? How much RP is Master in Apex Legends? Everything you need to know!

Master rank might be just a step away from the top but there is still a lot to learn.
Is the Master Rank good in Apex Legends? How much RP is Master in Apex Legends? Everything you need to know!

Apex Legends has a lot of good players competing for the top rank of Apex Predator. Unfortunately by the way the Apex Predator rank is designed, there is only enough space for 750 players there. So what happens to the rest of the exceptional players? That’s what we are going to discuss in this article. We are talking about the Master Rank in Apex Legends.

If you are looking for information about the Master Rank we have to warn you that your aim is set pretty high, but you probably already knew that. That being said, we totally agree that you should be ambitious in this game if you want to reach the top. So, get ready to find out all about the Master rank and what it means to reach it.

Is the Master Rank Good in Apex Legends?

Yes, the Master Rank is an undeniably good rank in Apex Legends. It’s the second-highest rank you can achieve in the game, second only to the prestigious Apex Predator rank. Being a Master puts you in the top 0,12% of all Apex Legends players. So as you can expect, there will be some pretty skilled players up there.

The Master rank is the first rank in Apex Legends you will encounter that has no smaller divisions and this is not its only peculiarity. 

How much RP is Master in Apex Legends?

The Ranking Points you need to gather if you want to reach Master are about 15000 but the RP you would need to get out of it varies a lot. That is because only 750 players can be in the next rank (Apex Predator) at one time.

At the very beginning of the ranked season people who go through Platinum and Diamond and reach 15000 RP fast, automatically become Apex Predators. The problem is that with time, the Apex Predator cap becomes higher and higher since the players try to kick each other out of the highest rank. The people that can’t keep up with this constant influx of RP points derank to the Master Rank.

This means that Master-Ranked players are not necessarily less skilled than Apex Predator ones. It might mean that they just don’t have enough time to invest so they can reach the Apex Predator Rank. Since the increase of the ranked difficulty in Season 13, there are very few Master-Ranked players around the world, with less than 0.5% of Apex Legends players ever making it to this rank.

The percentages are almost identical for the Ranked Arenas AP. In short, a very hard ranking to achieve.

How to improve from Masters Rank

Even though Masters Rank is almost at the top, there is still some space to grow. So if you want to reach the Apex Predator Rank, you might need to follow some of the tips that we have for you.

Here come the tips and tricks!

  • You need to play a lot of matches. If you are really serious about getting to the highest rank in Apex Legends, you need to play for a lot of hours each day.
  •  If you start grinding at the start of the season, you will reach Predator easier than at the end of the season.
  • Make sure you consistently win your matches. We are not going to tell you how to win matches (you already know that if you are at this rank), but every RP lost in this rank means your competitors will out-rank you!
  • It’s ok to rat. If you are not confident you can win against your opponents, try to get to the last few circles without attracting too much attention. You need the RP.
  • Always have a Recon Legend in your squad. The ability to know where the ring is going to close is priceless.
  • Abuse any kind of overpowered weapon or strategy you can. At this level, there is no shame in trying too hard!
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