Who To Unlock First in Apex Legends

Apex Legends provides players with a wide variety of legends to choose from. But who to unlock firt?

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Who To Unlock First in Apex Legends

Apex Legends allows players to choose from an arsenal of over 20 legends each with their own tactical and ultimate abilities. These legends cater to different play styles and encourage players to incorporate unique strategies with every new legend they pick.

This eventually raises the question of which legend should you consider unlocking first to play as. This choice may depend on various factors such as legend abilities, play style and even your personal preference. So without further delay, let's jump into the nitty gritty of Apex Legends characters and hopefully help you figure out which one to unlock next!

How Do Apex Legends Characters Work?

Each character in Apex Legends can roughly be categorized into a certain play style. This can range anywhere between aggressive, defensive, recon, support, and straight-up destruction based to name a few. This allows players to gain a rough idea of what the specific legend plays like and what kind of tactics must be incorporated in order to effectively use them.

Every Character in Apex Legends also has a passive ability, a tactical ability and an ultimate ability that further define how they work in-game. These abilities can be directly associated with the above-mentioned play styles, and are one of the major factors that should be considered when looking to unlock new legends in Apex Legends.

The game offers around 6 free legends while the rest are locked legends that require 12000 legend tokens or around 750 apex coins each to unlock. This is a considerably large amount of legend tokens and apex coins that will take a long time to earn, and so they must be spent wisely.

How Do You Decide On Which New Legend To Unlock First?

Having a list of over 20 legends to choose from, with the frequent addition of new legends, can become an overwhelming task, especially if you are new to Apex Legends. In order to narrow down the choices a little, you can immediately begin by picking a play style to pursue. Being aware of what route you take when fighting enemies in-game can certainly help a lot.

Think of how you engage in fights and see whether you chase down enemies, lock buildings down to camp, scout from afar or like to create mayhem. Once you have discovered your preferred play style, the decision comes down to picking which abilities you like and exploring which legend works best with your style.

Which Aggressive Characters Should You Pick?

If your playstyle leans towards the more offensive side of things, you should definitely consider unlocking one of the following legends in Apex Legends.


Ash is a Season 11 legend who is a common offensive choice in Apex Legends. Ash’s passive ability, Marked for Death, shows the locations of recent deaths and her tactical Arc Snare throws a snare at opponents, damaging them and slowing them down in the process.

Perhaps the most liked ability of Ash is her ultimate, Phase Breach which allows her to open a one-way portal to teleport through. This makes her effective in chasing enemies and also enables her to escape sticky situations by quickly teleporting to safety. Proving Ash to be a very useful legend to unlock for players that like fast-paced action.


If you want an adrenaline-packed joyride then Octane is the Legend for you. Octane is one of the best Apex Legends characters, widely known for his insanely good mobility with his tactical ability, Stim making him 30% faster at the cost of a portion of his health. This however is perfectly balanced by his passive, Swift Mend, which restores his health gradually when he is not in combat.

Octane’s ultimate, Launch Pad is also a mobility-based ability that allows him to place a jump pad to leap off into the distance, also allowing him to jump twice while mid-air. Octane is loved by players who like to keep moving between engagements to maintain the adrenaline rush.

Which Defensive Characters Should You Unlock First?

If you enjoy holding angles and locking down buildings to essentially build a fort, you should consider unlocking a defensive legend in Apex Legends.


Wattson’s abilities make her one of the strongest defensive characters in Apex. She is hard to master but effective once you get used to her. Wattson has a passive, Spark Of Genius, which helps her regenerate her shields over time. She has a tactical, Perimeter Security, where she can place electric fences that damage and slow enemies down and help fortify a location.

Wattson’s ultimate ability is also very effective in setting up a strong defensive position. The Interception Pylon grants her an electrified pylon that destroys incoming projectiles such as grenades and airstrikes and also regenerates the shields of players in close proximity. This makes Wattson perfect for those who enjoy playing slow and defensive.


Next up on the list of good defensive legends is Caustic. He is one of the original characters in Apex Legends and an easy-to-play option, good for beginners who like to play defensive. Caustic has a passive Nox Vision that allows him to see players through his gas, and he is also Fortified, which makes him receive 15% less damage due to his large hitbox size.

Caustic’s tactical ability, Nox Gas Trap, grants him large toxic gas containers that bypass shields to gradually damage enemies that come into contact with it. His ultimate Nox Gas Grenade hands him a gas grenade that spreads toxic gas over a large area of land, allowing him to hold and control chokepoints across the map.

Which Recon Characters Should You Pick First?

Not everyone likes to jump straight into the action, guns blazing. Some players prefer a slower, more planned approach after proper scouting. For such players, a recon legend may be a good pick to unlock first in Apex Legends.


Crypto is a recon legend that can play as a supporting character in certain situations due to the vital intel that he can share with his teammates and is also relatively harder to master. His tactical Surveillance Drone allows him to deploy a drone that scans the surroundings for enemies. His passive, Neurolink makes all scanned enemies visible to his teammates.

Crypto has an ultimate ability, Drone EMP, that destroys traps, damages enemy shields and slows them down considerably. This can be useful in close-quarters combat situations, especially against defensive legends who deploy traps to camp buildings. Crypto is a useful team asset that can support friendlies and make way for pushes deeper against enemy teams, making him a suitable option for those who like to support their entire team with intel.


For those who consider themselves as ‘hunters’ playing Apex Legends, Seer can be an excellent choice for tracking enemies. Seer has a passive, Heart Seeker, where he can hear and see heart beats of nearby enemies when he aims down the barrel of his gun. His tactical, Focus Of Attention, is also a very effective tool in canceling enemy actions such as reviving or healing.

Seer’s utility in the team is amplified by his ultimate, Exhibit, where he can deploy a large sphere of drones that detects enemy movements and makes visible all enemies that shoot within it. For those who like playing Apex Legends to support their entire team, Seer can provide some vital abilities.

Which Fun-Chaotic Legends Should You Unlock First?

Not all players in Apex Legends want to compete in ranked play or take matches too seriously to rank up. Some just want to have a good time causing mayhem and absolute destruction.


Fuse is practically a walking armory in Apex Legends. He is an extremely fun legend to play with if you want to wreak havoc in every match you join. Fuse has a passive ability, Grenadier, that grants him an extra grenade in his inventory and enables him to throw grenades farther and faster. Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster, allows him to fire cluster bombs from his arms that damage enemies upon impact.

Fuse also owns a fun ultimate, The Motherlode, where he can use bombardment to create a large circle of fire to surround his enemies. This can be used to trap enemies and restrict them to specific locations. Fuse is every warrior’s go-to pick for causing immense pain to enemies.

Mad Maggie

If Fuse didn't already satisfy your desire to inflict pain on your enemies in Apex Legends, Mad Maggie is just as good. Maggie is a relatively new legend in Apex that focuses on hyper-aggressive plays to push enemies for elimination. Her passive, Warlord’s Ire allows her to move twice as fast when equipped with a shotgun. If this isn't fun enough, then her tactical, Riot Drill, literally drills explosive flames through walls to negate cover consequently damaging enemies in hiding.

Maggie’s ultimate, Wrecking Ball, launches a giant ball out in the open, leaving behind speed boosters in its trail for maggie to increase mobility. It can also knock over and disorient unlucky enemies that may happen to find themselves in its path.

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