iitztimmy Apex Legends Settings & Hardware [Updated]

iitztimmy's Apex legeds settings are quite strange. Instead of tuning everything to the max, he tunes everything down. Prioritizing FPS over quality.

Updated on Nov 28, 2023
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iitztimmy Apex Legends Settings & Hardware [Updated]

iitztimmy's Mouse Settings

iitztimmy prefers to keep his mouse sensitivity low, and I mean really low. How low? Well, his normal sensitivity is set to 1.1, while his Aim Down Sights sensitivity is set to 1.05. This is considerably low, especially for Apex Predator ranked player such as iitztimmy. 

Mouse SettingValue
Normal Sensitivity1.1
Aim Down Sight Sensitivity1.05

Mouse Sensitivity

Then again, he is one of the best Apex Legends streamers currently, so he's definitely had a lot of time to get accustomed to that sensitivity. One reason why iitztimmy uses such a low in-game sensitivity is because of the high DPI on his mouse. He usually plays with an 1800 DPI mouse, which is up there all things considered. Hell, I only go up to 1600 with my mice. Anything past that and it feels uncontrollable. 

iitztimmy's Video Settings

Regarding video settings, iitztimmy has a pretty beastly setup. However, even with that, he still does something that's pretty unique. Most players that have a high-end gaming PC tend to turn up their settings to the max. iitztimmy does the exact opposite, he turns down his settings to just the right amount to give him that FPS advantage. This "trick" is one of the best ways to improve your FPS in Apex Legends, and I'm glad that the pros are setting a good example.

Video Settings

Other than that, it's pretty basic stuff. His standard FOV is set to 104, which is just about right. Additionally, iitztimmy keeps his Aspect Ratio at native, which is 16x9. 16x9 is generally considered to be one of the best aspect ratios for Apex Legends, as it's just big enough to allow you good vision, while not being so ginormous that you can't see the minute details.

iitztimmy's Keybindings

Now we come to the fun part, the keybindings. Here's how iitztimmy organizes his keybindings, and how you should probably do too if you want to reach his level.

Weapons & AbilitiesMovement
Toggle Fire Mode - BJump (Key 2) - Mouse Wheel Backward
Alternate Interact - O
Equip Grenade - T
Tactical Ability - 3
Ultimate Ability - 4
Melee - LALT
Survival Item - 5
Syringe - Z
Shield Cell - Q
Shield Battery - CAPS

As you can see, iitztimmy likes to keep things in order. His abilities & survival items are located on the number keys, with the support items being delegated to the keys. The only keybinding that he doesn't alter is the Medkit, hence why it's missing from the table above. 

iitztimmy's Gaming Setup

Earlier I said how iitztimmy has a beastly setup. Well, here it is in all its glory. Enjoy! 

iitztimmy's PC Specsiitztimmy's Gaming Hardware & Paraphernalia
CPU - ADM Ryzen 9 5950XMouse - Logitech G Pro X Superlight
GPU - EVGA GeForce RTX 3080TI FTW3Keyboard - 100T x HG Mercury 65
Memory - Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB 3200 MHz C16Monitor - BenQ Zowie XL2566K
Motherboard - MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFiHeadset - Logitech G Pro X Headset
SSD - Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe 1TB + Samsung 870 QVO 2TBMicrophone - Shure SM7B
PSU - Corsair RM850x 850WMic Stand - RODE PSA1
Case - Corsair iCUE 7000X WhiteControl Pad - Elgato Stream Deck
Fans - Corsair QL120 RBG WhiteWebcam - Sony Alpha A6300
CPU Cooler - Corsair H150i Elite Capellix WhiteChair - Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody

Looking at the specs, the fact that iitztimmy lowers his graphical settings really infuriates me. Most gamers would kill to have a setup like this. What iitztimmy is doing is the equivalent of buying a NASA supercomputer just to play the Sims. Pure heresy! 

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