What is the Apex Legends Lowest RP you can have?

Learn what is the Apex Legends Lowest RP you will get when you start playing Ranked!
What is the Apex Legends Lowest RP you can have?

Let’s say you are into Apex Legends and you are looking for the thrill of competition. Maybe you have watched a stream or two but naturally, the streamers you saw were gods of the game and didn’t take the time to explain to you what their Ranking means. Ok, they are Apex Predators, but what does this mean?

 If this is the top then where is the bottom, the starting line, the Apex Legends Lowest RP rating? We are going to answer these questions in this article.

Find out which are the  Apex Legends ranked requirements and you are good to go!

What is the Apex Legends Lowest RP Rating?

Simply put, no matter which Ranked mode you play, the Apex Legends Lowest RP Rating is 0, and the lowest Rank you can get is Rookie iv. Makes sense right? You start from 0 and you work your way up. When the new season starts (which is usually every 3 months), or if it's your first ranked match of the season, you usually start with a total of 0 Ranking Points which equals the rank of Rookie iv. This is the rank you will have in Ranked Arenas and Ranked Battle Royale even though the two modes have separate point scores.

Below you will see a table of the Ranking Point requirements for each Badge in Apex Legends ranked modes:

These badges are also subdivided into 4 Ranks, that make it easier for you to track your process. For example Bronze is divided into Bronze i, Bronze ii, Bronze iii, Bronze iv with Bronze iv being the lowest. Every match you play you will get a specific amount of Ranking Points according to your performance. Get many kills or and your rank will increase. 

How much is a kill in RP depends on your position in the match and the ranking of the person that you killed. Once you achieve a new rank, you will get a pop up on the screen notifying you but we wouldn’t recommend that you feel too secure about this since you can easily derank if you don't play well. 

In general, if you are a skilled Apex Legends player (or First Person Shooters in general) then you have nothing to be afraid of, you will get a higher rank in no time

What to expect at the lowest RP in Apex Legends!

Player Style

The more you climb the ranks, the more things you are going to see in the game. Every Apex Legends rank has its type of players and every match can vary completely from the previous one. 

Since we are talking about Rookie iv or Rookie rank in general the players can be of every type since 100% of the people that play any Apex Legends ranked mode, will pass through this rank. But usually, bronze-ranked players have very little experience in the game and because of that, the way they move is very predictable. 

They don’t know the advanced movement techniques that you learn the more you progress through the rankings and their knowledge of the maps and the weapons is non-existent. Another thing that they usually miss is communication. In Apex Legends battle-royal if you want to rank higher, you have to communicate with your team by voice chat.

Actually, after the rank Gold ii, Gold iii all the way to the predator rank, communication is the thing that wins the games. It’s almost impossible to rank higher than platinum in any Apex Legends Ranked League without constant communication between the players. This becomes painfully obvious if you see the percentages of the players that reach each ranked badge.

How to escape Rookie Rank faster!

It makes sense that you get frustrated when you are playing Apex Legends ranked especially when you have 0 Ranked Points. Your teammates might not communicate with you and do questionable moves, to say the least. If that gives you the need to leave the lowest Apex Legends rank as fast as possible we understand and actually, it is not that difficult.

If you have friends that are playing Apex Legends, you should team up with them. Even if they are not the best players in the game, only the fact that you can talk with each other and have a common plan in the game will give you a significant advantage in the matches, helping you get kills and survive for longer in the battleground. We cannot stress enough how important communication is in this game!

Another thing that will help you rank faster is by avoiding “hot drops”. 

That means that you shouldn’t land in areas where many players are going to land. We get it, that the loot there might be tempting as well as the prospect of being fully geared if you survive the onslaught. 

But most of the time you will die pretty fast, sometimes without even picking up a gun. This would be pretty time-consuming and stall your advance out of the Rookie RP pit. By landing away from the hot zones you will have time to get some better gear and actually survive for longer. 

If you get top-3 finishes in 4-5 of your matches you should be pretty much out of the Rookie Rank!

Now that you know the Apex Legends lowest RP you should start trying to get as far away from it as possible. That’s how Apex Legends Ranked Mode works!

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