The Best Apex Legends Heirlooms So Far

If you are so keen to know what are the best Heirlooms in Apex Legends, you’ve just come to the best guide.

Updated on Dec 09, 2022
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The Best Apex Legends Heirlooms So Far

Unlike other battle royales, Apex Legends lets players choose one of the playable characters who have unique abilities and skills. That being said, a wide variety of in-game cosmetics add stylish upgrades to each character which are affordable in many ways. Being one of the rarest cosmetic items in Apex Legends, Heirlooms dignify the characters aesthetically in gameplay compared to Weapons skins or Character skins.

Undoubtedly, every player would have second thoughts before making a choice on Heirlooms, knowing how difficult it is to get their hands on one of them. So, we have wrapped up a handful of the best Heirlooms in Apex Legends that will definitely be worth your eye on.

1 /10

Wraith’s Heirloom: Kunai

It’s worth noting that Heirlooms debuted in Apex Legends, by introducing Wraith’s Heirloom, Kunai, during the official game launch back in 2019. With Wraith’s popularity among other playable characters, Kunai was conspicuously spotted in most streamers' and professional players’ gameplays since then.

This melee weapon skin gives explicitly a glimpse of the personality traits of Ninjas in Naruto, while Wraith exhibits their running animation. It has a purple animated effect on the edge and doesn’t have a much-complicated design, unlike the newer Heirlooms. Despite its simple design, Kunai still dominates as one of the sought-after Heirlooms of all time.

2 /10

Bloodhound’s Heirloom: Raven’s Bite

The second Legend who received an Heirloom after Wraith was Bloodhound in Apex Legends. Bloodhound’s Heirloom, Raven’s Bite featured in the Iron Crown Collection Event during season 2.

This melee weapon skin is a handaxe with glowing red highlights on the edge and also shows some detailing of a black raven with red eyes. When holstering the weapon, Bloodhound’s hand movements with Raven’s Bite are appealing along with its unique melee animations.

3 /10

Pathfinder’s Heirloom: Boxing Gloves

Pathfinder’s melee weapon, a pair of boxing gloves featured during the Holo-Day Bash Collection Event. There are screens on both gloves that showcase Pathfinder’s emotions on the screen which is in his chest. One of the coolest interactions on the screen of gloves is when it shows the word “pow” when attempting to melee someone, which is also a comic book effect.

However, unlike other Heirlooms Pathfinder’s Heirloom doesn’t flip or spin alongside the hand movements which leads to some criticisms about it.

4 /10

Wattson’s Heirloom: Energy Reader

One of the coolest Heirlooms in Apex Legends, Energy Reader is Wattson’s Heirloom which has got some interesting facts, made it sought by most players who main Wattson during their gameplays. Apparently, it looks like a tool which has a movement-tracking radar display on it.

Unlike regular flips or spins interacted with Heirlooms, players have fallen in love with Wattson’s Energy Reader, because of its unique interactions, especially when Wattson seems excited once she beats the little game on the radar screen. This was featured during the Raiders Collection Event and offered to the players who completed the event.

5 /10

Valkyrie’s Heirloom: Suzaku

Being the most detailed Heirloom so far, Valkyrie’s Heirloom is undoubtedly fascinating with its loads of animations. Suzaku is a winged spear of which its structure resembles a traditional Japanese spear, called Yari. Valkyrie’s sprint animations are among the coolest ones, where she hurls the Suzaku just like a javelin.

Her interaction with the ramen bowl alongside her Heirloom went viral during the launch of the Awakening Collection Event while convincing most of the players that Suzaku was the best Heirloom.

6 /10

Revenant’s Heirloom: Dead Man’s Curve

Revenant’s Heirloom is a scythe which was officially named Dead Man’s Curve during the Genesis Collection Event. Most of the players find this perfectly matched with the Revenant’s personality and traits that resemble the Grim Reaper’s look-alike while also being a best-looking Heirloom.

When he swings the scythe, orange and black particles are coming out from the razor-sharp blade that adds a sinister glow to themselves. Revenant’s mains are insanely impressed by its coolest animations while they make sure it’s one of Revenant’s must-have skins by picking it up as the best Heirloom in Apex Legends so far.

7 /10

Mirage’s Heirloom: Too Much Witt

The character who’s more into a self-absorbed and cheerful personality is Mirage, among other Apex Legends characters. Mirage's Heirloom is a small golden statue of himself which is perfectly fitting to his traits without being just another tool or weapon same as the other in-game Heirlooms.

Mirage received his Heirloom, Too Much Witt during the Lost Treasures Collection Event. One of the humorous and rare melee animations of Mirage is striking an enemy with a pork chop where the Heirloom is also featured.

8 /10

Octane’s Heirloom: Butterfly Knife

Apex Legends high-speed daredevil, Octane received his Heirloom in the System Override Collection Event. The Heirloom is a knife and has a look-alike of pair of scissors which makes it more unique by its formation. Moreover, there is a test tube in the middle of the knife that includes a liquid. This is more likely to show Octane’s Syringe that he injects himself to activate his tactical ability, Stim.

So this is definitely one the best Heirlooms because of its high details that mirror Octane’s personality.

9 /10

Caustic’s Heirloom: Death Hammar

Caustic's Heirloom, Death Hammer can definitely be rated as one of the coolest Heirlooms in Apex Legends. A yellow-coloured skull is visible on one side of the hammer which resembles his face exactly the same. This Heirloom’s one of the animations that emit toxic gas from the top of the hammer is even cooler once it’s been equipped and swings around when sprinting.

When attempting to melee an enemy, it will bonk the enemy on his head with it which is quite satisfying at the same time. This was featured during the Aftermarket Collection Event.

10 /10

Crypto’s Heirloom: Biwon Blade

Though Crypto is a surveillance expert, his Heirloom, Biwon Blade is highly detailed and inspired by his Asian accent. So this futuristic katana perfectly exhibits his background while being a Korean.

Moreover, its sharp pointy tip, solid lines and color theme exactly matches Crypto’s appearance and his traits. Crypto received his Heirloom during the Warriors Collection Event.

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