Get to know if Octane is a Girl!

Find out the gender of Octane in this article!

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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Get to know if Octane is a Girl!

In every game where there is a masked character, people are always speculating about the gender of this character. Well, the same has happened with one of the most popular Apex Legends characters, Octane.

Many players are puzzled about whether Octane is a girl or not. That’s what we are going to answer in this article.

Is Octane a Girl?

No, Octane is not a girl. The Apex Legends creators have invested a lot of time and effort in creating characters that are fleshed out and interconnected with each other. Thanks to that we know much more than just the abilities of the Legends. We know their likes, dislikes, their backstories, and most importantly their chromosomes!

Apex Legends is a game that has no problem with introducing characters of every gender, nationality, or sexual orientation so it’s logical for people to question the gender of every character. Characters like Bloodhound have confused many people about their gender since they were playable characters at the beginning of the game.

In this case, the voice of Octane is quite stereotypically male but most importantly, the developers of the game have explicitly stated that Octane is a male human.

Who is Octane?

Octane is one of the Legends that has been with the game since season 1 and it doesn’t matter if your is Bronze or Apex Predator you will definitely encounter him countless times. Let’s get to know him a bit better.

Octavio Silva, a.k.a. known as Octane is from the planet Psamanthe and is the son of one Duardo Silva. He is famous for his reckless stunts that he performed out of boredom most of his life, culminating in launching himself with a grenade to set the course record for a Pilot Gauntlet. This stunt obviously cost him his legs but that didn’t faze him.

Thanks to his close connection with another character we know, Lifeline, Octane managed to get a set of bionic legs. This made him overcome what little inhibitions he had left concerning stunts and he decided to do the most daredevil thing of all, become an Apex Champion.  Since then he has been taking part in the games and has become famous for his incredible stunts and daredevil personality.

His skills include the Stim ability which when he injects himself with a substance that he is DEFINITELY not addicted to his speed increases at the cost of some of his life, good thing that he pbuttively regenerates Hit Points when he isn’t getting damaged. The trick up his sleeve is the LaunchPad which gives him and his team mobility out of this world!

Is Octane good?

Octane is a great Legend to play and an incredibly fun one!

He has been through various phases when it comes to player preference. In the beginning, nobody really picked him since the benefits he offered the team was easily outclbutted by most other Legends. Through the seasons though he got various buffs and tweaks and he finally hit the sweet spot-on season 09 being the most picked legend even surpbutting Wraith who has been traditionally the most picked Legend even at the highest ranks of the game.

Thanks to the buff he got to his LaunchPad and his pbuttive regeneration every team was required to have an Octane in their team. Respawn Entertainment thought that he was a bit over-picked, that's why they gave him some nerfs that made him a bit more balanced and on the same level as the other Legends. Since then, he has been a steady pick for most players.

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