Is Bronze in Apex Legends good? How much RP do you need? Everything you need to know about this rank!

The Bronze Rank has changed a lot lately and people are wondering if it is any good. Find out more in this article!

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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Is Bronze in Apex Legends good? How much RP do you need? Everything you need to know about this rank!

In every competitive system, some people are going to be at the top, dominating the game, while others have to start from somewhere. This is the reality of every competitive system and we are going to talk about one of these categories in Apex Legends. We are talking of course about the Bronze Rank in Apex Legends.

This rank is being discussed by a lot of people and many players are wondering if it is a good or bad rank. If you are one of those players, then join us to find out what kind of rank is this and what kind of players you can find on it.

Is the Bronze Rank Good in Apex Legends?

No, unfortunately, the Bronze Rank is not good. It’s the “Bronze” rank for a reason.  Because it is abundant and not that hard to get. Being a Bronze puts you in the top 82% of all Apex Legends players.

In Apex Legends it is actually very easy to get to Bronze, since it’s the second-lowest rank in the game, higher only than the Rookie rank that got introduced in Season 13 as an introductory rank.

Bronze Rank RP requirements 

The threshold to reach the Bronze Rank in Apex Legends is 1000 RP. If you are even moderately good at Apex Legends, you should be able to achieve in the span of a few games. Usually, the players in the Bronze Rank are quite new to the game, having only played just a handful of matches to meet the Ranked Requirements for unlocking ranked modes.

Even if Bronze is the first Ranked Tier with Entry Cost for the matches, the price is relatively low, so even if you lose a few games it will not cost you that much. This makes it quite easy for players to reach Silver in a few days. That being said, the rank distribution shows us that not that many people do.

More than 30% of Ranked Players in Apex Legends stay at this rank, with Bronze iv having the highest concentration of players. This means there are plenty of easy enemies for you to practice your aim on!

How to improve from the Bronze Rank?

From the Bronze Rank, there is a lot of room for improvement since there are also A LOT of Ranking Points that you need to earn if you want to reach the highest RP rank in Apex Legends. We are going to give you some simple tips that will drastically improve your chances of winning matches.

  • Learn how to loot while you are moving. Many players get killed while they are looting. By pressing A and D you will be a much harder target to hit.
  •  Learn which weapons work on which distances. Shooting with an R-99 at targets far away is not the way to go.
  • Get familiar with Armor Swapping. Armor swapping is when you take a full armor of a death box in the middle of the fight. It is like an instant heal and it wins fights.
  • Don’t tunnel vision for a kill. Play with your team and play carefully.
  • When it comes to meds, you should always prioritize Shield Batteries. They give the biggest heal in the smallest amount of time.
  • If your teammates have been knocked down, revive them only if you know you have the time. It is better to try to finish the kills if the enemies are low HP. 
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