The highest rank RP in Apex Legends explained!

The highest Rank RP in Apex Legends might be closer than you think, or not!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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The highest rank RP in Apex Legends explained!

If you are wondering what is the highest rank RP in Apex Legends, it means that you are considering going for the top of Apex Legends Ranked mode. Well, let me tell you now, that this is a task that very few people have achieved, so be prepared for a long and arduous process.

It doesn’t matter if you are the best at first-person shooter games or any other kind of game, Apex Legends has attracted so many talented people from different genres of games that the Crème de la crème is occupying the top spots and they will not let you pass easily.

That being said, it is never bad to aim for the moon, right? So stick around to find out just how high is the top of Apex Legends Ranked!

What is the Highest Rank RP in Apex Legends?

The highest Rank RP in Apex Legends is Apex Predator or at least 15000 RP. This seems like a simple answer, but the reality is a bit more complicated. So, let us break it down.

In Apex Legends Ranked Battle Royale, the lowest RP you can get is 0 which is the rank of Rookie iv. You gain Ranking Points by winning matches and the more kills you get the more RP you will collect(the worth of each kill depends on the player's placement in the match).

By playing A LOT of matches you can work your way through the ranks. Let’s say Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ranks are all behind you. The next rank you will reach is Masters. This is where the tricky part begins. Masters doesn’t have sub-ranks like all the other ones. You can reach it by getting at least 15000 RP. The only way you can escape masters and go on to become an Apex Predator you have to be one of the best 750 Players in the world (per platform).

For example, if you were the first one to reach 15000 RP at the very beginning of the Ranked Split, you would immediately be given the rank of Apex Predator #1. But since more and more people will start getting over 15000 Ranking points your position on the ranking ladder would fall steadily if you don’t keep earning RP.

The minimum number of points it takes for a player to achieve the Apex Predator rank inflates over time and usually, by the end of the Ranked Split, it has reached even 40k -50k RP. Of course, each platform has its own Predator Cap, with PC being the highest since it’s the most popular platform to play Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Ranked Arenas have a different Arena Points top than Battle Royale, both because they can potentially get fewer points per win (50-100), no matter how many kills you get, but mostly because fewer people are playing Ranked Arenas in general.

Bronze0 AP
Silver1600 AP
Gold3200 AP
Platinum4800 AP
Diamond6400 AP
Masters8000 AP
PredatorThe top 750 Players

 What is the record for most RP in Apex Legends?

In December 2020 a player going by the nickname Lou managed to break the 100K barrier and got 100081 RP.

After you have read our article, you probably understand what an achievement this is, but just to put it into perspective the fastest Bronze-Predator climb that has ever been recorded has been 54-Hours, by the streamer iiTzTimmy. From there, even if you are getting 200 Ranking Points in every match(extremely difficult) with an average of 3 matches per hour, it would take another 157 hours.

So, 211 hours is the shortest time we can calculate even without taking into account that the higher Rank you have, the harder it is to win a match. In reality, it is the effort it takes to get 100K RP, is like working a full-time job every day plus overtime if you want to achieve this rank in the span of one Ranked Split! For that reason, this is something that only professional Apex Players can achieve (or maybe millionaires that don’t need to work).

Why is it so hard to maintain the Apex Predator Rank?

Many people think that once you have reached the Apex Predator Rank you are done, the effort is over, but in reality, this is where the real effort starts.

To begin with, if you have just reached the Apex Predator Rank and you don’t play Ranked Modes for a few days (depending on the console you play on and the Ranked Mode you prefer) you will certainly derank to Masters the next time you log in. So you need to win a few matches at least every day, otherwise, the Apex Legends Predator Cap will catch up to you. And this is just so you maintain your rank.

If you are looking to climb the ladder with the 750 most skilled Apex Legends players you have to play every day and make sure you are at least breaking even in RP points every match. Forget about doing that as a solo player since it is almost mandatory to be in a premade squad if you want to achieve good positions in the match consistently.

Add to everything we have said that the Apex Legends player base has been constantly expanding since the beginning of the game and you get to realize why it is a Herculean task to even just stay in the Apex Predator Rank! 

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