Is the Gold Rank good? How much RP is Gold in Apex Legends? Here you will find the answer!

The Gold Rank in Apex Legends has been through some major changes lately. Keep reading if you want to see if it's a good rank now!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Is the Gold Rank good? How much RP is Gold in Apex Legends? Here you will find the answer!

Trying to get to the top of Apex Legends Ranks, you will definitely pass through the gold rank. Gold is a very beautiful metal with a lot of value but in Apex Legends, you will be surprised to find out what it really means.

If you wondering what it means to be a gold-ranked player, or even if this rank is good in general, then you have found the perfect article, since we are going to analyze what it means to be a Gold-Raked Player and also give you some tips on how to escape this rank if you are stuck. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Is the Gold Rank in Apex Legends Good?

The Gold Rank in Apex Legends is neither good nor bad. Being Gold puts you in the top 33% of all Apex Legends players.The way the ranked season is at the moment, the players who manage to reach the Gold rank deserve a lot of praise since even though it is only 2 ranks above the first rank that requires Entry Cost (Bronze).

The changes to the Ranked System in Season 13 made it very difficult to even reach gold. It used to be that players knew that even if they played recklessly in their ranked matches, if they were individually skilled they would at least get a few kills, which meant at least a few Ranked Points. The developers decided that this style of playing is not what ranked is all about. That is why they decided to prioritize placement much more than getting kills.

You can easily see that reflected in the ranking. Even though Gold rank used to be almost below the average RP rank of the Apex Legends players, the ranks Gold iii, Gold ii, and Gold i are just barely above average. So if you managed to get to Gold you should rejoice because you did something that 50% of the players couldn’t do.

When it comes to ranked Arenas,  gold is considered equally average, since approximately 24% of all the Ranked Arena players are in this rank. Keep in mind that the Ranked Arenas AP system is different from the Battle Royale one, and a bit harder to climb fast even if you are playing exceptionally.

How much RP is Gold in Apex Legends? 

To reach Gold you need at least 5400 RP and to get out of it you need 8200 RP.

How to improve from the Gold Rank

The tricks you have learned brought you here, but now it's time for you to learn some new ones if you want to advance any further.

Here we will give you some of the most useful tips if you are looking to climb to the Platinum Rank!

  • Play a few unranked matches before you start playing ranked. It helps you warm up and you can have all the reckless fun you want.
  • Communicate with your team on what Legends to pick. It is better to have a good mix of offense, defense, and scouting.
  • Listen to your team. You might have been used as a solo player until now, but escaping gold is impossible without proper coordination with your team.
  • Start dropping at remote locations. Even though landing and immediately starting to fight is more fun, it will make you lose a lot of RP in the process.
  • Learn when to back down from a fight. Even if you are about to win a fight with another team, it is pointless to continue if you die to the zone or to another team.
  • Play with confidence. In this rank, not many enemies will expect you to run at them as a team. This takes almost everyone by surprise.
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