The easiest ranked server in Apex Legends for fast wins!

Find out which is the easiest server in Apex Legends so you can rank up faster!

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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The easiest ranked server in Apex Legends for fast wins!

In our day and age, the games that become international hits cannot afford to focus only on one region of the world. That’s why the Apex Legends team has invested a lot of money to make their game approachable to everyone in the world, no matter where they live. This becomes obvious when you take a look at the characters in the game.

Even though most of the Legends are from imaginary planets and systems, it is obvious that in the Apex Legends Universe there is a lot of diversity, like in the player base of the game. Except for the multinational cast, you can see that the developers tried to attract people from everywhere since there are serves to play the game all around the world.

These servers are there for practical reasons and they help the game to function, but sometimes for various reasons the players are taking advantage of these different servers. The main way to do that is to choose to play on a server that is on average the easiest so you can rank up faster. If this is what you are looking for, then you are reading the correct article.

Which is the Easiest Ranked Server in Apex Legends?

The easiest Ranked Server in Apex Legends in China. Of course, like with most things, the answer to this question is not as simple as it looks, and it's not that Chinese players don't think about their picks and are using a Legends randomizer for it without any strategy. So, let us analyze a bit why China is the easiest Server in Apex Legends.

First of all, the servers in Apex Legends are not some super strict borders that many people might be used to from different games. There are almost 50 data centers in the world that process the information of the game and host the matches that are happening.

When you are logging in to the game, it calculates your ping according to your location and places you on a server with the lowest ping. But that doesn’t mean you will play only with people of this server. Apex Legends prioritises good matchmaking over good latency so you could be placed with players from different regions.

Since every player can decide by himself which server he is going to play in, from the starting screen of the game, this makes it possible for players from all around the world to play in whichever server they prefer. But for almost all the players, their server of choice is the one with the lowest ping. Then the only thing that matters about a server’s difficulty is its player count. 

Server Population in Apex

Below you can see a table with the player count of Apex Legends per region.

North America41.35
South America16.25

If you think about it logically, the region with the least players will have less skilled players. Even if on average Chinese players are more skilled than North Americans, and the highest rank they reach is on average bigger, since there are much more players in North America there will be more skilled players there.

It’s simple maths actually. If in China there are 2 skilled players for every 10 and in NA there is 1 for every 10, since there are 10 times more NA players than Chinese ones, that means that there will be 2 times more skilled players in NA. Players that you will need to beat if you want to reach the top.

Our experience has shown us that it is usually not worth it to switch to the easiest servers unless your latency is fairly low. Even if you are playing against easier opponents, the high ping will make it so that you cannot perform at your level. Moreover, you are probably going to feel the game more unresponsive than usual (because it will actually be more unresponsive), and for most gamers that is something that kills the fun.

There is nothing wrong with grinding the more difficult servers even if you manage to achieve the average rank in Apex Legends, considering how competitive this game is, it is more than enough! 

How to change the server you are playing on!

Changing servers in Apex Legends is not a complicated procedure, it is just a procedure that not many players had to actually do so it remains an unknown process for the majority. So let us begin.

The first thing you do is launch your game! If you are used to spamming buttonsto skip the cutscene and the idle screen then, hands off the keyboard this time. If you skipped the main menu you can access it by pressing the cog icon on the bottom right of the screen and then choosing the “return to main menu” option.

At the bottom of the screen you will see the option “Data Center: something”, just give it a click.

Then the list of data centers appears and your job is pretty much done, all you have to do now is choose the one you want to be at and load in the game.

Be aware that if you change to a server that is very far away from your physical location, the latency that you are going to experience will increase to levels that will probably hurt your performance.

Usually, the people that do Rank Boosting, prefer to do it on Chinese servers since they are the easiest ones, so keep that in mind and good luck!

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