Random Apex Legends Generator [With All Legends]

Want a free Random Legends Generator for Apex Legends that will make a pick for you for your next game? We’ve got you.

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What would you say to a futuristic Apex Crate that could draw a random legend for you to play in your next Apex Legends match? Well, it turns out that our Apex Legends Random Legend Generator is exactly that. Just click the "Generate" button, and your new Legend will be selected in no time; it’s that simple. Moreover, our tool is completely free and there is no limit to the number of generated selected in one day, so you can “spin” as much as you want searching for the hottest Legends.

How Do We Create Our Random Draws for our Random LoL Champions Generator?

Our Random Legends Generator for Apex Legends uses advanced algorithms to ensure a fair and passionate selection process. More specifically, we went for Math.random function in JavaScript, which is one of the most popular ways to generate random numbers without any third party interference.