Apex Legends Ranked Requirements: What You Need To Know

If you are thinking of starting your journey into the Apex Legends Ranked modes, first you should find out if you meet the minimum requirements!

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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Apex Legends Ranked Requirements: What You Need To Know

Learn which are the Apex Legends Ranked requirements, the official ones, and some unofficial ones.

Apex Legends is a very competitive game that gives you the option to play against players of similar skill-level so you can get better and better at the game, eventually dominating the battlegrounds. This is what ranked is all about!

When it comes to ranked, Apex Legends offers 2 different ranked modes. Ranked Arenas and Ranked Battle Royal. They are the competitive version of the 3vs3 mode and the Arenas mode. The ranked requirements are the same for both of these.

What are the Apex Legends rank requirements?

The Apex Legends ranked requirement is to reach level 10. It should take approximately 10-15 hours to get to level 10. The fastest way to get there is by playing the normal modes, but at the same time hunting for achievements that give you Experience Points. For example, there are some basic ones like “become the kill leader” or “respawn a teammate” but there are also some weekly and daily achievements you can get to boost your XP. 

Pretty straightforward since if you have been playing Apex Legends casually you would have already gained a few levels. After you reach level 10, the option to play Ranked Battle Royal or Ranked Arenas will unlock automatically.

Unofficial Apex Legends ranked requirements.

Except for the official Apex Legends ranked requirements we would argue that there are some requirements that you only realise after you have started playing ranked and you wish you already knew.

Get familiar with all Legends abilities. One of the common starting mistakes people make before playing ranked is not learning how all of the legends work. If you don’t know what to expect from a Legend, then you will be caught off guard by their abilities leading to more deaths-more frustration-worst performance-more deaths. If you want to avoid this loop, take a look at what every Legend does. 

Get familiar with the meta. By meta we mean what works best every season. Professionals and high-ranked players are always looking for new ways to get some advantage over their opponents. They usually achieve this by using the most consistent weapons of the season or by picking the Legends that are considered the most overpowered. For example, in season 8 learning how to play Horizon and picking up a Spitfire was enough to give you a significant advantage. Maybe check out a few streams to see what is the talk of the town!

Now you should be all set, so get to work! Grind for the Predator badge and make us proud!!

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