What's The Average Match Length Of Apex Legends?

Discover the average match length of Apex Legends and other interesting facts about how long a match lasts.

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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What's The Average Match Length Of Apex Legends?

Even after playing Apex Legends for a while, it's difficult to determine the average match length of this game since every single match has a distinct length, and no matches are the same.

We wrote this article for you so you can comprehend how much of your precious time this game will take, so keep reading to learn all about the average match time length of Apex Legends, what aspects can influence it, and the other valuable ins and outs related to this game. 

What Influences The Match Time of Apex Legends?

Unlike other comparable Battle Royale titles, Apex Legends mainly focuses on action, using abilities and shooting rather than playing tactically and traversing long distances.

Because of this, matches are much shorter than other similar titles like Call Of Duty Warzone or PUBG (If you're interested in these similar titles, check out the average match length of Call Of Duty Warzone or what's the average match length of PUBG).

One of the major determining factors of the match length for this game is the player's skill level because the better you play, the longer you'll stay alive.

In addition, the playstyle you adopt may also determine how long the game will last because if you keep avoiding close encounters with other players, you might increase your survival chances and play longer.

When playing Duos or Trios, you can get revived by your teammates if you die, prolonging the match length.

Lastly, as with the other battle royale games, luck can determine the match length because sometimes the luckiest player triumphs over the most skilled one.

What’s The Average Match Length Of Apex Legends?

Now, let's get through two available modes in Apex Legends and uncover the average game length for each of them. 

Battle Royale - 15 Minutes

Whether you play Solo, Duo, or Trio, the average match length of Battle Royale game mode in Apex Legends is 15 minutes. However, if you manage to stay alive and in the safe zone, you might play for up to 22 minutes. The ring (a circular zone that keeps shrinking) featured in Apex Legends will keep shrinking for 22 minutes until it reaches 4 meters in size, and players will get to this point only on rare occasions.

The main screen of Apex Legends on consoles.

It takes a specific turn of events for the players to remain alive in the ring of 4 meters, especially since the game usually ends much sooner.

Arenas - 10 Minutes

The matches in Arena Mode usually last around 10 minutes.

Introduced to Apex Legends in season 9, Arenas mode is a three versus three round-based game mode that features an economy system similar to CS: GO. 

As you can see, Arena maps are quite small so there's no camping here - just good old shooting.

This mode has been introduced to meet the needs of those players keen on playing Apex Legends but couldn't afford to spend up to 20 minutes for each Battle Royale match. 

Because of this, maps in Arena Mode are compacter and smaller than the Battle Royale map and are designed for fast-paced combat and neverending action on a small scale. 

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What’s The Longest and Shortest Apex Legends Match Length?

The world record for the longest ever match in Apex Legends was set in 2021, and this match lasted for 124 minutes and 29 seconds! However, players were explicitly attempting to break this record and become famous for it, and such lengthy matches never occur in standard situations.

Oppositely, the shortest Apex Legends match ever took only 49 seconds after the match started, thanks to some odd glitch that probably happens once in a million times. 

How To Improve Your Survival Chances In Apex Legends (And Play Longer)?

To be successful in a game such as Apex Legends, you must be patient, play smart, and outwit other players. But even if you meet all these criteria, it won't guarantee success. Still, we got some handy pointers on what you could do to improve your survival chances in Apex Legends, so take a look at them:

  • Be like a shadow: This can give you plenty of advantages, so move slowly and avoid sprinting around without covers to avoid being spotted by enemies.
  • Focus on multiple heroes: If you have a preferred hero, you won't be able to use it all the time since it can be occupied by your teammates (if you don't play Solo). That's why it's essential to have at least a few other heroes you know how to play with instead of focusing on just one.
  • Remain at the outer edge of the ring: This tactic can be pretty valuable, especially since the enemy players will eventually need to enter the ring, and there's a massive opportunity for you to kill an enemy or two who's probably already fighting someone else. 

Chicken out: You don't always have to be a hero and shoot every time you see someone running around. The most skilled Apex Legends players know when to shoot, which is definitely not all the time. It's totally fine if you decide to run away from the battle, no one will make fun of you.

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