Are There Bots In Apex Legends? Mystery Solved

Find out all the info about bots in Apex Legends!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Are There Bots In Apex Legends? Mystery Solved

It's logical to assume that every battle royale game features AI bots, mainly due to the large number of players per game. Every time a match begins, a few percent of these players won't even start playing because they might get disconnected, quit the game, their internet can stop working, and so on. And that's when the AI bots come to take their place and fill all the open spots to make each match pleasant and make those enormous battle royale maps feel less empty. But is this the case for Apex Legends, and are there bots in this game? Keep scrolling, and you'll find that out shortly, along with additional bot-related details.

Are There AI Bots In Apex Legends?

No, there are no AI bots in Apex Legends when playing online matchmaking. The only bot featured in online matches is Pathfinder, one of the robot characters. 

Fortunately for both the players and Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends has a very stable player count, with a few hundred thousand daily players on all devices. Because of this, adding AI bots is unnecessary since it's pretty easy to find a squad, and the game can easily match 60 real players without resorting to their AI counterparts. Still, many players swear that Apex Legends is actually full of bots, especially the Apex Legends Mobile or on Asian Servers. But these were no bots, just some awful teammates who are even less skilled than bots. 

There are definitely no bots here.

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Are There Target Practice Bots In Apex Legends?

Yes, there are target practice bots called DUMMIEs exclusively found in the Firing Range mode. By default, these dummies won't move or attack you, but there's a trick that can be used to activate them and make them attack you. Firstly, make sure to drop all of your weapons and set a crouch on "toggle" instead of "hold." Then, proceed to the cave on the far right side (looking at the cave entrances) and select the Pathfinder or Valkyrie. Next, get to the metal ceiling platform, crouch, and look down. From that point, switch to any other legends, and you'll hear a sound indicating that DUMMIEs are active. From now on, they will attack you and move.

DUMMIEs are now active.

Are There Spam Bots In Apex Legends?

Occasionally, players may encounter spam bots in Apex Legends. They are usually found in the lobby before the match starts, and there's nothing much you can do about them other than reporting those players. 

Good luck playing all by yourself.

These spammers are generally promoting something by sharing a link or duplicative messages, and they are not there to play a game but to spam instead. So if you detect a spammer in your squad before the game begins, you can definitely count on one less player, which will make things much more challenging for you.

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