Find out if Bloodhound is a Girl!

You might think you know the gender of Bloodhound but you would be surprised!
Find out if Bloodhound is a Girl!

Apex Legends has been out for a few years now and it has a wide variety of Legends to pick from. Each Legend has its own personality and backstory making it easier to get invested in the character and the story of the game. Actually, the team behind the lore of Apex Legends has won various prizes for their creations.

Even with such a fleshed-out story, there are still some things that the majority of the players are wondering about and one of them is the gender of Bloodhound. We are going to clarify it in this article so stay with us if you are curious! If you are curious if Octane is a girl we have an article for that too!

Is Bloodhound a Girl in Apex Legends?

The simplified answer is that, Bloodhound is not a girl. But there is more to this story than just a yes or no answer. Bloodhound has been identified as a non-binary human. We are not going to dive deep into what this means or what are the implications since it is a complicated topic but the important thing to know is that for sure Bloodhound does not identify as a female.

The confusion comes from the fact that Bloodhound is dressed in a way that would make people think of a male, although Apex Legends is not keen on emphasizing the gender of their character through their clothes. Still, none of the skins for Bloodhound or the Ranked Rewards include something that will hint you towards another direction.

 Also, the voice of Bloodhound sounds very deep and masculine further adding to the confusion of the players. The reality is that most people take for granted that Bloodhound is a male thanks to these few stereotypes.

In fact, Bloodhound is the only character that has been identified as non-binary surprising many people since there are Legends such as Pathfinder, which is an MRVN robot, but he is still identified as a male. Bloodhound has been in the game since the beginning and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community (if this concept exists in the universe of Apex Legends) it shows the support of the developers to this community. The pronouns the developers use are they/them.

Of course, Bloodhound is not the only member of the LGBTQ+ community in Apex Legends (something to be expected from an interplanetary game).

Who is Bloodhound?

The backstory of Bloodhound has been a fairly complicated one since there have been many changes in their lives but we will try to keep it compact.

Bloodhound is the child of Johann and Brigida, two engineers from Talos that lost their lives in the flash freeze that hit Talos. Thanks to Artur, uncle of Bloodhound, they found themselves in a community that rejected technology. After many trials, Bloodhound became the leader of the tribe after his uncle’s death from a Goliath.

Then enters Boone, a famous hunter that Bloodhound befriended after he asked their tribe for assistance. Together they went for various legendary hunts, ultimately becoming intimate with each other. Unfortunately, due to a disagreement about hunting, they parted ways with Boone dying soon after.

The death of Boone shocked Bloodhound and made them join the Apex Games in order to restore his honour after death. That’s how we got one of the most talented Apex Legends competitors.

Is Bloodhound Good?

Bloodhound is a very good Legend to play in any kind of team composition. He is the first character in the game and there can be no doubt that he is one of the most useful ones. His recon abilities are extremely helpful in any kind of situation since the ability to find out the enemy's position is a big part of what wins matches in Apex Legends.

Another thing that makes Bloodhound one of the most picked Legends in the game is that he has a very simple toolkit. Many characters like Rampart or Pathfinder for example require deep knowledge of the Legend if you want to be useful in the team. On the other hand, Bloodhound can be useful even at the hands of the most inexperienced player. Just press your Scan and that is it.

Even the Apex Predator-ranked players, the ones with the highest RP in Apex Legends, consistently pick Bloodhound time and time again. Especially in the professional matches, Bloodhound has been a sure pick for various seasons now. So yeah, pick Bloodhound without any guilt, he is very good.

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