Everything You Neew To Know About Ranked Reward in Apex Legends

If you are wondering why you should rank higher in Apex Legends, the ranked rewards can be your answer. Find out more in this article.

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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Everything You Neew To Know About Ranked Reward in Apex Legends

Grinding the Apex Legends ranked system can be a rewarding experience by itself, but it becomes even more pleasurable when there is something to look forward to. Respawn Entertainment has created various systems to encourage players to play ranked matches and you might already know about the badges and emblems but there are also other ones that can spice up your ranked experience.

If you want to learn what are the ranked rewards you can get in Apex Legends, how to get them, which ones are the best, and more, you just have to read our article telling you all about it. If you love the challenge, then you will love even more the rewards you can get. This is guaranteed from personal experience.

What does ranked give you in Apex Legends?

Except for the ranked points you earn, you can also get Apex Legends ranked rewards at the end of a ranked season for reaching a specific rank. The rewards can be ranked badges, holosprays, weapon charms, or dive trails. The higher rank you reach, the better the rewards, starting from the Bronze rank and peaking with Apex Predator since it’s the highest achievable tier.

Don’t worry if you Derank, since you will be awarded prizes for the highest rank you reach throughout the whole ranked season (including both ranked splits) and not according to your current rank. So if you managed to get to Diamond but fall back to Platinum, your rewards will be the Diamond ones.

If you didn’t have enough reasons to push for the next rank, the potential rewards you can get might do the trick. Even though Apex Legends is already pretty good at giving out multiple prizes, the rewards you will get for competing in the ranked leagues have some extra prestige attached to them.

Ranked Badges

Every new Apex Legends Season, there are new ranked emblems created so you can use them as any other regular badge to show off. These are just fancier designs of the normal emblems that have been tweaked a bit.

Of course, all the Apex Legends ranks have their own unique style, but the higher the rank the more impressive it gets. Especially the Master rank and the Apex Predator rank can have some pretty memorable designs, although between seasons, sometimes it is difficult to immediately notice the differences. If you manage to reach the Apex Predator rank once, you can keep this badge forever, nobody is stopping you.


Holosprays are another one of the rank rewards Apex Legends will give you, no matter which rank you manage to reach. Instead of the usual sprays that you can put on walls (or anywhere possible), Apex Legends has Holosprays which are small devices that you can throw and they will project a three dimensional image. The perfect instrument for griefing your opponents.

Similar to the ranked badges, every rank gets its emblem created into a holospray with increasing complexity. So if you feel the need to remind your teammates or your enemies what is your true potential just throw your holospray to the ground, and observe them stare in awe.

 Be aware that even though the arenas point AP system is distinct from the battle royale Apex Legends ranked mode, you can still get holosprays, but only for ranks Diamond or higher.

Weapon Charms

Weapon charms are another one of the rewards you can potentially get by playing ranked games. For those of you who are wondering what are weapon charms, they are small trinkets you can put in your guns individually. Each charm can go to one weapon each time, so if you want to see a weapon charm all the time, you have to put it on your favorite weapon. If you believe in charms, they might help you with your weapons’ spread, but that is just a rumor.

 The difference is that you can only get them if you reach the Gold rank or higher. If you thought you can just play a few ranked matches and get the best rewards just like that, you are wrong. The ranked points RP system of the Battle Royale is quite harder than the Arenas one, so if you want to get some higher rank charms, it makes more sense to try the latter Apex Legends ranked mode.

Dive Trails

The Dive Trails are the most desired of all the ranked rewards. Not only are they the most visible ones, they are also only reserved for the three highest Apex Legends ranks. Dive trails are the stream of particles you leave behind you while you are dropping from the ship and they are visible to almost the entire lobby. According to your rank, the color of the trail changes, but the animations stay pretty much the same throughout the ranked season.

Dive trails are a bit different than all the other rewards for ranked play since they will only be available for one ranked season. This means that when you get your ranked rewards, if you manage to reach Diamond or higher, you can use the dive trail normally. Once the ranked season changes, you have to grind again the ranked leagues in order to get back this amazing reward. 

This way, the creators of Apex Legends, give you an extra reason to reach the same rank tier you reached the previous season or even aim for something higher. Diamond is good, but it is not the highest RP rank you can reach.

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