Can you Derank in Apex Legends? Everything You need to know!

It is certain that if you play Apex Legends, you are going to face a derank, so you better be prepared for it, and avoid it as much as possible!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Can you Derank in Apex Legends? Everything You need to know!

For the competitive player, there is nothing scarier than the word Derank. Well, in Apex Legends the threat of deranking is always there and it is what keeps the players moving forward in the games. Without the fear of being demoted then there wouldn’t be much of a competition would it?

Whether it is Apex Legends Ranked Arenas or Ranked Battle Royale or even Apex Legends mobile, you need to be aware of how this mechanism works and be ready to deal with it.

Can you Derank in Apex Legends?

You can Derank in Apex Legends in three cases, a tier derank, Apex Predator derank and a rank reset.

First of all, as you might know, each ranked tier (excluding Masters and Apex Predator) is split into 4 smaller sub-ranks that make it easier for you to track your progress, this is true regardless of which ranked mode you prefer. For example, the Gold rank is split into Gold iv, Gold iii, Gold ii, Gold i. In the case you just reached the Gold iii rank, if you lose a couple of matches without getting any points from kills, you are going to get demoted to Gold iv.

The demotion happens without any fancy pop-up so it is easy to miss it sometimes. You can catch a glimpse of the text notifying you that you have been demoted at the Score Report after the match that demoted you, if you are not pressing continue angrily after a bitter loss.

Tier Derank

Until Ranked Season 13, you couldn’t lose a “big” rank by having too many losses, which means that you couldn’t fall from Gold iv to Silver i. This made it so that the first sub-rank of the Tier would become something like a checkpoint for all the people that just reached the rank and stopped trying. This has been changed in Season 13.

Now you can get demoted to a lower rank. This will make each tier represent better the skill level of the players, which is the exact purpose of Respawn Entertainment. There is a Tier Demotion Protection, or Rank Protection available for up to three games lost after promotion into a higher tier to avoid being demoted directly after a promotion. And if you combine that with the 100 ranked points “Promotion Bonus” you are going to get, it should make for a pretty good safety net. It would be such a pity to lose your newly achieved rank so fast.

Apex Predator Derank

There is a special case when it comes to deranking and that is in the Apex Predator Rank, which is the highest rank someone can get in Apex Legends. If you have managed to reach this rank and you think the struggle is over then you are quite mistaken. Let’s say you are the #750 Apex Predator in the game. If you don’t win any matches even for a day, probably the next time you log in the game, you will have been demoted to Masters.

 Since only the 750 best Apex Legends players can be at this rank at any given time, the players that are not getting enough points will get demoted pretty fast. This is what makes the Apex Predator rank so hard to reach and maintain.

Rank Reset

The last case of Deranking in Apex Legends is the one that happens the least often but it happens to everyone equally. This is the soft rank reset that happens at the start of every season and at every Ranked Split (usually at the midpoint of the season). The way it works is that everybody that has a Ranked Badge will get demoted 1.5 Tiers. For example, say goodbye to your platinum rank since, if you were in Platinum i you are going to find yourself in Gold iii.

This is done to make sure that the higher ranks are not getting inflated with people that achieve this rank and then never play again but also to reset the Apex Predator rank since, by the end of the season, the amount of RP you need to enter Apex Predator has been doubled or tripled.

The best thing you can do to avoid getting Demoted!

Getting your rank dropped after you worked so hard to achieve hurts deep in the soul and that’s why we will give you some tips to avoid this from happening.

Of course, the obvious thing to say is to not lose games but there are some games that are more important than others. When you are close to the bottom of a Rank, you should be extra careful. If push comes to shove you should even consider “ratting”, which means avoiding fights just so you survive longer. Search for a nice corner and hide like a good little rat, and hope that you will rank at the top and earn some points.

Win your games. Ok that goes without saying but the only reliable way you can avoid deranking is winning your games. Other than that, there is not much else you can do. Apex Legends is an unforgiving game, so you better not take it lightly,

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