Can I use the mouse and keyboard on console to play Apex Legends? [Answered]

You may simply expect your console to respond to the mouse and keyboard when plugged in to play Apex Legends, but will they work?
Can I use the mouse and keyboard on console to play Apex Legends? [Answered]

There are a bunch of workarounds that allow you to play with mouse and keyboard duo as long as they claim to do the job.

However, It's highly unlikely for you to anticipate keyboard and mouse support on the console in Apex Legends instead of using a controller and here we'll explain why.

Does Apex Legends support keyboard and mouse on console?

Unlike the other games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex Legends does not support mouse and keyboard playing on console.

However, when cross-play is on, Fortnite and Call of Duty put the players into the same PC lobbies who use mouse and keyboard duo which absolutely seems smart!

Nevertheless, if you don't want the same thing to happen in Apex Legends, simply turn off cross-play.

Though mouse and keyboard support is not available on consoles in Apex Legends, most promising third-party devices let you hook your keyboard and mouse to trick the console to believe that the controller is used.

But it's not guaranteed that all games including Apex Legends will just boot up by using one of them as per your preference and affordability.

However, having your keyboard and mouse support on console is still questionable and considered cheating by console players as it is not available in Apex Legends.

So, If you are a console player, chances are pretty obvious that you have found that this is one of the most controversial topics in the Apex community of console players.

How to use keyboard and mouse on consoles for non-supportive games like Apex Legends?

Numerous third-party peripherals claim that they provide input methods to convert mouse and keyboard to be responsive on console though they are not natively supported for games like Apex Legends.

But still we cannot point out an exact device or software that would work for Apex Legends specifically. 

However, we'll detail about the most up-voted device for you to figure out the best method that suits you.

Using XIM Apex adapter

XIM Apex adapter is a device that supports to control keyboard and mouse signal to simulate the Xbox controller or PlayStation controller. Once you purchase this device, you have to follow two stages to complete the setup of XIM Apex successfully.

Updating firmware

Before you set-up XIM Apex, make sure the firmware is up to date by following the steps below.

  1. Download flash tool to your computer from its official site.
  2. Connect the XIM adapter by holding down its button while plugging into a USB port in your computer. Release it when it displays a blue color.
  3. Run the flash tool.
  4. Press the "Update Firmware" button to upgrade your firmware.
  5. Do not unplug the adapter until the flashing process and transferring firmware to the adapter are completed.
  6. Disconnect the adapter once it notifies that it's safe to remove from your computer.

Setting up XIM Apex with hardware

XIM Apex pack also consists of a 3-pin XIM hub to connect your mouse, keyboard and console controller. However, this device is not necessarily important if you can replace it with your own USB 2.0 hub.

Simply follow the following steps to set up your peripherals along with the adapter.

  1. Connect the controller to the hub through a standard USB cable as long as the XIM Apex adapter is connected. Plug mouse and keyboard to the hub on port 1 and port 2 and controller to port 3.
  2. Make sure that your controller is OFF before using XIM Apex. Now plug the XIM hub to the XIM Apex adapter and plug it into your console which is already ON and ready.Once the peripherals are connected to the hub and console successfully you can visualize rapid flashing green lights on the adapter.
  3. USB keyboard and mouse won't work in-game as long as you do configurations using XIM Apex Manager application. Download and install this app to your Android/iOS phone or tablet from the App Store.
  4. Run the app and download the latest game support to the XIM Apex. In order to make XIM Apex Manager connect to XIM Apex over Bluetooth, press the button on the adapter.
  5. Since every game has a different aiming system, you have to choose Apex Legends from games' catalog and then select the console that you are playing on, to create a new config on the XIM Apex Manager.
  6. Now configure your XIM Apex for Apex Legends and set up mouse sensitivity and key mappings by clicking on the "Edit Config" button on the app. Once you are done with working on settings in XIM Apex, you are good to go!

However, if you are setting up XIM Apex and it creates an issue during the process, you can try out their official support FAQ page to find out the most suitable solution.

Am I cheating if I play Apex Legends with keyboard and mouse on console?

There's no definite answer for this, as the feedback negatively and positively back this question when it is raised in the Apex community.

If you are moving from PC to console, it's pretty obvious you find it difficult to get used to the controllers. But replacing a controller with mouse and keyboard will not help you to get rid of your problem.

Also console players may be more comfortable with these devices to gain the advantage of aim assist and improve play which is determined as cheating among other controller players.

Such a trick could aid in trying out the best way to get kills in Apex Legends as well. Or you could rank up faster among other console players.

Gaining such advancements over the users of controllers is highly discouraged by Respawn Entertainment whilst working on to crack down this group of players.

We also suggest you move on to a PC if you still want to rock and roll on your keyboard without attempting to cheat other console players.

A fresher for a console may still be interested in using these PC peripherals instead of a controller for obvious reasons. Because this is a cheap alternative for them without investing in pricey gaming PC builds.

So, there are plenty of suggestions and requests from the Apex community to group players into PC lobbies who use mouse and keyboard on console, the same as some of the competitive games do.

However, Respawn Entertainment has not yet positively responded to these community voices as they urged that they would use a mechanism to detect such players and pin them down.

So in case they found out that you are one of the culprits who violates game rules by using mouse and keyboard combo on console to play Apex Legends, they would ban your account from the servers.

Also, we cannot assume that Respawn Entertainment will add the keyboard and mouse support officially to Xbox or PlayStation in near future.

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