Explaining what it means to be Silver Rank in Apex Legends!

Find out everything you need to know about the Silver Rank in Apex Legends!
Explaining what it means to be Silver Rank in Apex Legends!

If you are just starting to get into Apex Legends Ranked modes probably you are a bit overwhelmed with all the information you have to absorb. What are the requirements to start playing Apex Legends Ranked, what is the highest or lowest number of Ranking Points I can get, what are the emblems and the badges etc.

Don’t Panic! With a bit of time and the correct articles (meaning these ones listed above), you will realise that it is not as complicated as it looks. In this article, we will focus on what is the Silver RP rank in Apex Legends. We will go through everything you need to know about this rank even before actually reaching it.

Is Silver Rank Good?

Silver Rank when it comes to Ranked Battle Royale is the second-lowest rank and by the way, the players are distributed in each season, Silver Rank is below the average rank in Apex Legends.

On the other hand, for Apex Legends Ranked Arenas, Silver rank is dead in the middle of the curve, meaning that it is an average rank. Take into account though that Ranked Arenas don’t have that many regular players so the stats are not really reliable when it comes to skill.

Time for some numbers now. To get to Silver Rank in Apex Legends Ranked Battle Royale you have to reach a minimum of 3000 RP. If you want to break through to Gold iv you have to reach 5400 RP. So you need to get a total of 2400 RP to get from Silver iv to Gold iv which is 9 victories with an average of 270 Ranking Points in each one of them!

Of all the players in Apex Legends Ranked 79.55% of them will reach minimum silver iv while for each subsequent rank the percentage falls by approximately 4% each Rank. That means that almost 16% of the competitive players in Apex Legends Ranked will stay in Silver. The “look on the bright side” person will realise that a Silver Ranked Player is more skilled than all the players ranked from Bronze I to Bronze iv which are approximately 20.45% of all Apex Legends players.

Usually, the players in Silver Rank are new to the game and are just starting to learn the ropes. One of the tell-tell signs of a Silver player is that he is moving too predictably. He is not familiar with some of the more advanced movement mechanics and that is obvious. The good thing is that a silver player will be pretty good at aiming and sometimes even great. Other than that they are quite communicative (at least with pings) and eager to try out new Legends (yes, even Rampart)!

What is the RP cost for matches as a Silver Ranked player?

Silver is the second Rank that entering a match will cost you some RP points and to be more specific it will cost you 12 RP points. Below you, you have the rank of Bronze and Rookie which makes it so the multiplier for each kill can’t be lower than 0.7. If you are wondering what this means you should read our article about How much RP is a Kill in Apex Legends.

Players sometimes get confused when they notice that they are losing RP just by playing Apex Legends Ranked Battle Royale and that is because they haven’t understood how the ranking system works, and more importantly how the entry cost for matches works. Below you will find a table with all the entry costs for each rank in Apex Legends.

Rank Tier

Entry Cost


10-19 RP


22-31 RP


34-43 RP


47-55 RP


58-67 RP


70 RP, with 5RP every 1,000 RP beyond Masters Threshold

By that, you can see that the RP cost for entering matches as a Silver Ranked player is nothing compared to the costs in higher ranks. This costing system pushes you to play more and more carefully if you want to rank up since there is the danger of actually ranking down.

How to improve from the Silver Rank?

It is quite common for newcomers in the game to feel the pressure of the Apex Legends Ranked Modes starting from Silver. From Bronze i to Bronze iv the player could perform poorly every game and he would still reach Silver iv at some point. But Silver is where the grinding begins. If you are stuck in Silver or you just want to Rank Up faster in Apex, we have some very useful tips for you!

  • Play with friends! Even if your friends are not very good, the fact that you can cooperate with each other will give you the advantage in most matches.
  • Start using your microphone! Many people in Silver don’t make quick decisions, be the one that leads your team.
  • Ping all the time! The ping system in Apex Legends is the most basic form of communication. If you are not using your microphone, at least ping to your team to transfer important information to them!
  • Use weapons you are comfortable with! Although it is better to be familiar with all the weapons, it is ok to focus on the ones that feel better to you. The other will come with time and practice.
  • Get familiar with all the Legends abilities. As a silver player you will see almost all the Legends in the game in each match, you need to be prepared!
  • Research some advanced movement guides. Apex Legends is more than run, jump, slide. Silver is the rank where you should at least know these movements exist!
  • Prioritize placement over kills! Going for kills can be dangerous if done wrong. It is better to get one more placement than one more kill especially if you don't communicate with your team.
  • Pick your fights! Most players in Silver are not ready for a third-party, take advantage of it and surprise your opponents!
  • Start learning from some Apex Predators! Watch some streams of high-ranked players to learn new tricks!
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