Apex Legends File Size For All Platforms [Latest Update]

Here's how big Apex Legends download size is for each available platform!

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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Apex Legends File Size For All Platforms [Latest Update]

Over the last few years, battle royale games have become noticeably mainstream, and not many games of this genre have managed to stand out in the crowd and offer something distinctive to the gamers. Yet, this fast-paced and intense game developed by Respawn Entertainment has managed to do so almost instantaneously and remained one of the first gamers' choices when it comes to the battle royale genre. Since its release in 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Apex Legends caught the eye of many gamers around the world, and that's when Electronic Arts decided it was time to release it for other consoles and mobile devices. Besides some server issues this game has, one of its most significant drawbacks is its high download size. So if you're wondering what the download size of Apex Legends is, you'll find out all about that in the wink of an eye. 

Where Can I Play Apex Legends?

You can play Apex Legends on:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Android*
  • iOS*

*Mobile versions were released globally on May 5th, 2023, but it was available for pre-registered players in certain regions at the moment of writing this article, so the file size might change.

What Is The Download Size Of Apex Legends?

The download size of Apex Legends goes from around 3 GB for the Apex Legends Mobile, to over 80 GB for the console version. Similar to other battle royale titles, the download size of Apex Legends is inclined to change with updates, so you can anticipate an increased size in due course. Here are the exact sizes in gigabytes for each available platform, so check out the table below for more info:

Microsoft Windows52.9 GB
PlayStation 457.11 GB
PlayStation 580 GB
Xbox One73 GB
Xbox Series X/S83.5 GB
Nintendo Switch24.4 GB
Android2.8 GB
iOS3.3 GB

If you're a PC player, you'll need to consider additional space for the launcher of your choice. While Steam takes around 200 MB, the game itself requires installing Origin or EA App, so that's an additional 200-ish MB. You can, however, play directly on Origin or EA App without installing the Steam client.

Where Can I Download Apex Legends?

You can download Apex Legends on Steam, Origin, and EA App (PC), Microsoft Store (Xbox One, Series X/S), PlayStation Store (PlayStation 4 and 5), Nintendo Store (Nintendo Switch), Google Play, 3rd-party websites (Android), and App Store (iOS).

Big File Size Is Achilles' Heel Of Modern Games

Let's be perfectly clear; those days when AAA games were only a few gigabytes in size are down memory lane, and they won't ever come back. With that being said, contemporary games require massive storage space due to advancements in modern technologies, which brought almost lifelike-looking games. 

You can even see each piece of grass!

Each of these games has various assets, such as textures, models, sounds, and other elements that are a key part of the game. Besides, have you noticed how much content games have nowadays, especially compared to some older games? So naturally, all of this needs to be stored somewhere, and the grander and better-looking the game is, the more storage space it requires. 

Even though storage units like SSD and HDD drives are getting more affordable, developers simply need to be more thoughtful towards gamers because not everyone has super-high-speed internet to download over 100 GB for a single game in a snap. This thumbs down go to you too, Infinity Ward and Raven Software, who made Call Of Duty Warzone file size excessively high. When all is said and done, we can all hope that someone will come up with an advanced algorithm that can significantly compress the game's file size without reducing its quality, making this issue a thing of the past.

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