Is the Diamond Rank good? How much RP is Diamond in Apex Legends? Everything you need to know!

What is the Diamond Rank in Apex Legends and is it good?

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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Is the Diamond Rank good? How much RP is Diamond in Apex Legends? Everything you need to know!

Apex Legends is one of the most competitive and fast-paced games that have come out in recent years with millions of players enjoying the game every month. The problem is that these millions of players are the ones you have to fight against to climb the ranks in Apex Legends ranked modes. But if you manage to stand out from the crowd you might reach ranks that very few people manage to reach.

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One of these ranks is the Diamond Rank and it’s the one we are going to focus on in this article. We will analyse everything there is to know about this rank and give you some tips to push through it and get to become an Apex Predator!

Is Diamond Rank Good?

Yes, Diamond Rank in Apex Legends Battle Royale mode is a very good rank. If we are talking about Apex Legends Ranked Arenas mode then Diamond is considered an even better rank, although that is mostly because not many people play ranked arenas, so don’t get too excited about that. That is the short answer.

Even if you are highly skilled in First Person Shooter games, this won’t be enough to get you to Diamond in Apex Legends Ranked. You pretty much need to have studied Apex Legends to get to this Tier. If Rookie iv is the kindergarten of ranks and Platinum iv university then Diamond is the beginning of a master’s degree.

Movement mechanics, weapon stats, legends abilities, map knowledge, ring knowledge, and much more are just some of the stuff that a Diamond player must know like the palm of his hands to survive in this rank. But even these things are not enough. From Platinum i all the way down to the ranks of Gold i, Gold ii, and even Gold iii you can find people that have spent countless hours playing Apex Legends Ranked modes and are still staying static.

That is because knowledge is only a part of the skillset a Diamond ranked player has. The other one is aiming! Without the ability to consistently get Ranking Points from kills in most matches, getting to Diamond is like an impossible dream. That’s why many Diamond players practise their aim regularly and even warm up before they start playing ranked since every match counts.

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All these things might sound excessive and you start thinking that we are exaggerating a bit, but you must take into account that Diamond Ranked players are just 2 ranks below an Apex Predator, which are the most skilled players in the game. If you look at the numbers you will realise what a task it is to get to Diamond.

Only 23.29 % of all the Ranked Battle Royale mode players ever reach the Diamond iv. This might not sound that bad, 1 out of 4 pretty much.  But if you look more closely at the graph you will realise what is happening. Diamond iii is reached by only 7.8 % of the players. This means that 15% of the people that get to Diamond iv stay there for the whole season, mostly due to the entry cost mechanism that we will discuss later. To actually push through the Ranks and get to the top of Diamond is a task that less than 5 % of the players can do each ranked split.

What is the RP cost for matches as a Diamond Ranked player?

The RP cost for each match as a Diamond Ranked player is 63-72(depending on your subrank). That means that every time you want to play a match you will start by losing 63-72 RP. This is the main thing that stops a player from advancing more into the Diamond Rank. Just to put it into perspective, let us say you get 4 kills of the same tier as you, and you rank 1 in the match, you would actually lose RP. All this work for losing RP! 

Even if you get a lot of kills and place 1 in the match, the number of Ranked Points you are going to get is not that high considering the entry cost.As you can see 63-72 RP is A LOT to lose each match and it takes a lot of effort and focus to rank at the top every game. Add to that each Tier in Diamond is 800 RP which means that if you win 4 matches back-to-back with a loof points from kills you would only go from Diamond iv to Diamond iii. This is almost the same as going from Rookie iv to Bronze iv.

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