Precise Apex Legends Server Locations and Providers

Find out the server providers and locations mapped worldwide of Apex Legends so that you can check where the closest server is for You.

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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Precise Apex Legends Server Locations and Providers

Apex Legends has servers all over the world, in Asia, Europe, South and North America. Ideally, you should find an Apex server closest to your home, so that you don’t have to worry about lagging. It will also make your life easier, as you will play with people that use the same language as you do.

If you have issues, despite the fact you’re close to a server, you should probably check if you have high ping or are struggling with packet loss data.

Locations of game servers

Apex server locations

Here are all the Apex Legends server locations:

  • US – Dallas, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, Oregon (4 data centers), Iowa (4 data centers), New York, Virginia (2 data centers), and South Caroline (3 data centers).
  • South America – Sao Paolo (4 data centers).
  • Europe – London, Frankfurt (2 data centers), Amsterdam, and Belgium (3 data centers).
  • Asia – Taiwan (2 data centers), Hong Kong, Tokyo (6 data centers), and Singapore (3 data centers), Bahrain
  • Australia – Sidney (6 data centers)

Each of them has a different average skill level (attention controversial opinion!), that's why we broke down the easiest apex legends rank servers.

Why is server location important?

When playing an online game, whether it’s on Windows PC, PS, or Xbox Live, you want to have the best experience possible. However, high ping can easily ruin that. Although we all equally suffer due to server problems, some people also have to deal with ping and packet loss. Here are some tricks you can use to show ping in Apex Legends.

Generally speaking, these issues are not caused by a bad PC. You might still have issues with an older computer model, but these issues will not be related to lagging. Instead, when you have a bad PC, you are more likely to encounter FPS problems.

Apex Legends server providers

Of course, all these servers are placed in real physical locations. Apex is situated on a cloud, and contrary to popular opinion, its servers are not run by Respawn or EA. Instead, the companies rely on Amazon’s, Microsoft’s, and Google’s data centers. This is why Electronic Arts was unable to enhance the hardware in these locations (something that many players are complaining about).

Google servers

According to players, certain servers have better hardware characteristics than the others, allowing them to work much better. As such, if you’re playing on one of these servers, you will have a much better gaming experience even if it's not the closest one to your physical location.

Our sources tell us that Apex Legends servers are run by a company called Multiplay. They have a 6-year contract with EA, which will run out at the beginning of season 10. Whether Reswpan/EA renews this contract is up to them.

How to check server status?

There are several sites, such as, where you can check your ping. Here, you can see the data for EU West, EU East, US West, US Central, US East, Asia, and South America. On average, the server pings go from 30 to 120, depending on the platform, but this can fluctuate.

You can also use these sites to check reports and past issues. So, if you’re struggling to log in, or you’re constantly disconnected, you can head to this site to see if the problem is with the server. If the problem is of a different nature, there are a few things you can do to fix the high ping in the apex. And while waiting for the servers to stabilize, why not mix up your gameplay with our Apex Legends randomizer for characters, which randomly selects a Legend for you to play in your next game?

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