Is the Rookie Rank good? What is the RP of Rookie in Apex Legends? Time to find out!

The first rank of Apex Legends, the Rookie rank has more than it meets the eye. Just read our article and you will be surprised.
Is the Rookie Rank good? What is the RP of Rookie in Apex Legends? Time to find out!

In the Apex Legend season 13, we got introduced to a new rank called Rookie. Since then many players have come in contact with this rank, with some debate about how good it actually is. It is the first rank but is it actually that bad? How are the players in this rank? Are they nice at least?

If you are one of the players wondering about all of these things, then you have found the perfect article for you. We are going to answer all of them.

Is the Rookie a Good Rank in Apex Legends?

No, the Rookie is not a good rank in Apex Legends. To be exact, Rookie iv is the lowest RP rank you can have in the game and being in Rookie puts you in the top 100% of all Apex Legends players. Not that great of an achievement is it?. The developers of Apex Legends wanted for the players to have some introductory rank that has no entry cost before you start with bronze and that is why they created the rookie rank.

You might expect everyone that is in this rank to be pretty bad at Apex Legends, and for the most part, you would be correct, but there are some exceptions. Someone that is used to first-person shooters but new to the game would probably fit better into Bronze or Silver but he would still have to start from the Rookie Rank. So the difference between Rookie and the higher ranks is not that significant. After Gold is where the hard part begins!

Since there is no entry cost for rookie matches, no matter how the people play the game, they will eventually end up ranking up. In the end, the only people that are staying in the Rookie rank are the ones that don’t play Apex Legends Ranked. 

What is the RP of Rookie in Apex Legends?

To be Rookie you need to have less than about 1000 RPs. If you get 1000 RP then you go to Bronze. This is possible to be achieved in 3 matches even.

The rank distribution says that approximately 18% of the players are in the rookie rank, but as we mentioned this probably means that the players might just not be playing ranked Battle Royale. Their dreams of reaching the Apex Predator Rank are dead. 

How to improve from the Rookie Rank?

As you understand, there is a lot of room to improve from the Rookie Rank. If you are looking for tips on how to rank up faster, we will give you some of the very basic ones here so you have at least some basic guidance in ranking up.

  • Learn the characters of the game. Every Legend has a different skill set that will catch you by surprise during the match if you don’t know what to expect.
  • Get to the training field and practice with the guns. You should at least get familiar with which guns are considered good and which ones are not that effective.
  • Learn how to shoot while moving. Standing still in Apex Legends is like a taboo. You should always be moving your character.
  • Get familiar with looting death boxes while moving. As we said before, standing still is a no-no.
  • Don’t contemplate too much on what to loot. Just pick almost everything (if you have space) and you will see later if it’s good for you.
  • Learn how to use slide effectively. Sliding is great for giving you some extra momentum, but you need to know when to slide.
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