What is the Soft/hard rank reset split in Apex Legends. How does it work?

Apex Legends Ranked Split and rank reset explained! Everything you need to know about them.
What is the Soft/hard rank reset split in Apex Legends. How does it work?

Apex Legends has an infamous ranked system that is designed to push players to better themselves with every single ranked match they decide to play. The developers of the game have been constantly tweaking the system to find the sweet spot between enjoyment and competitiveness. So far they have been doing an excellent job at that.

But for a ranked RP system like that to exist, hey needed to create various mechanisms that work in parallel in order to have the ranked leagues work so well. Ranking Points, Ranked Tiers, and Ranked Seasons are just some of those mechanisms that the players need to get familiar with when they start playing!

In this article, we decided to focus on a mechanism that has created some confusion since its introduction. We are talking about the Apex Legends rank reset.

What is an Apex Legends Season?

An Apex Legends Season is a 3-month period in which the players have the opportunity to learn the specific meta so they can reach the Apex Predator Rank, the highest in the game.

A ranked season starts with a big game update, which brings a lot of changes to the game. Every season starts with the introduction of a new Legend and most of the time, the introduction of a new weapon. At the same time, various elements of the game are getting tweaked to mix up the way the game is being played.

The important thing with each ranked season is that almost everything in the game will remain the same for these 3 months. The weapons will remain the same, the Legends will remain the same, and the map layouts will remain the same. Since with each ranked season, some stuff is getting nerfed while others are getting buffed, the players need to adjust to the new meta if they want to win matches.

The only major change in the span of a season is the Ranked Split!

What is a Ranked Split?

The ranked Split is when the Ranked Battle Royale Map changes and there is a soft and hard reset of all the Apex Legends Ranks. Note that the Ranked Split applies to both the Ranked Battle Royale mode and the Arenas mode. The Apex Legends ranked rewards the players get at the end of each season are based on the highest rank they achieved across both Splits

Even though the Ranked Arenas AP system has similar Apex Legends ranks with the top being Apex Predator, the Ranked Split doesn’t affect Ranked Arenas in any way except the hard reset. 

What is a Rank Reset in Apex Legends?

Rank Reset is when the rank of all the players in Apex Legends is “reset”. There are two versions of this reset and they are the soft rank reset and the hard rank reset. The good thing is that each one of them is applied to a different Apex Legends ranked mode, so we are not going to mix them up.

Soft Reset (Battle Royale mode)

A soft reset is when every Apex Legends player is demoted 1.5 ranks and it occurs at the start of every ranked season and at the Ranked Split in the middle of the season. The only exception to this ranked reset is for Apex Predator players that they are going to get demoted to the rank of Platinum ii no matter if they are Apex Predator Rank #1 or Apex Predator Rank #750.

The soft reset only applies to the Apex Legends Ranked Battle Royale and it is there to keep some balance to the game. One of the purposes the soft reset serves is to keep the players involved in grinding ranked matches if they want to maintain their rank. If there was no Apex Legends midseason reset, some players would maybe reach the rank they wanted and not play for the rest of the ranked season.

Another reason the soft reset is necessary is to put the Apex Predator rank cap back to normal. Usually by the middle of the season the amount of RP you have to get to become an Apex Predator has more than doubled. If the number just kept growing nobody that is interested in Apex Legends ranked would feel motivated to aim for the highest rank.

Finally, it is necessary to have some sort of checking mechanism for players that haven’t been active in Apex Legends Ranked. If a player that hasn’t played for a long time decided to just back to play some ranked matches, he can’t have the same rank as before since he got unused to the game (talking from experience).

It would just annoy his teammates that would wonder how come a “noob” is the same rank as them.

Hard Reset (Arenas mode)

A hard reset is when the rank of the players goes back to the lowest rank RP they can have. The Apex Legends Arenas ranking system has a hard reset at the beginning of every Apex Legend season and at the midseason split. This means that all the ranks, master, diamond, and Apex Predator alike are going to go back to 0. In Apex Legends ranked Arenas this 0 means back to the placements matches.

After the hard reset, every player will have to play placement matches. When these ranked matches are done, depending on their performance on them, they will be awarded a specific rank. 

Usually, this rank is lower than the highest they had achieved in the previous Apex Legends season but it makes sense, otherwise, there would be no reason for them to play ranked anymore! The game takes into account the rank you had in the previous split before placing you.

Since there are not that many people that are playing this Apex Legends ranked mode the need to reset the Apex Predator cap is not that prevalent but the developers still treat Ranked Arenas the same as Battle Royale.Also the points thresholds are much lower compared to the Battle Royale mode.

This takes away one of the most important reasons for the existence of ranked splits. 

The problems with rank reset

Even though rank reset has been around since the beginning of Apex Legends Ranked seasons this mechanism has been criticized by a part of the community. The main problems that players see with it are mostly focused on Apex Legends Battle Royale mode (mostly because not many people play Apex Legends ranked Arenas).

Too much progress lost

One problem with rank reset is that it makes the players lose a big part of their progress. Especially in the Apex Legend Battle Royale mode when there is even a ranked split the players have less than two months to get to the rank they want to before they derank.

Two months might be plenty of time for some, but for the players that don’t have the ability to play Apex Legends constantly, it’s hard to rank up in such a competitive game. This makes every loss doubly painful when you are feeling so pressured just to get to the rank you want and receive the Apex Legends ranked rewards you were looking forward to.

The matches get destabilized for a long time

After the rank resets the ranked matches become a mess. With many players having to deal with much more skilled players in their lobbies. The same goes for the highest Ranked players, they have to deal with easy-breezy games that just waste their time until they get back to their ranks.

And since the split is approximately 1.5 months the majority of the time players will be struggling to get back to where they were not becoming better at the game.


The best solution for the problems that rank reset has, would be to make it that the ranks reset every season instead of every 1.5 months. This would do pretty much what the rank reset is trying to do but in a less frustrating way.

Of course, we can’t ignore that there are players who enjoy this constant fight against the game to reach the rank they have set their eyes on. So maybe a more imaginative solution needs to be implemented by the developers.

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