Get to know how much RP is a kill in Apex Legends!

It is time to understand how much RP is a kill in Apex Legends!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Get to know how much RP is a kill in Apex Legends!

Apex Legends has one of the most interesting and well-crafted competitive systems in the gaming community, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to understand as well. There are many moving parts that determine the Ranking Points you are going to get at the end of the match but one of the most important ones is the kills. Depending on how many kills you get in a match, your final RP gain or loss can vary significantly.

Even before Apex Legends Season 12 “Defiance”, people were having issues figuring out how much RP is a kill worth, but after the change that Season 12 brought to how RP is calculated, players are more confused than ever. This is why we are going to explain to you in detail, how much RP is a kill in Apex Legends!

For the Apex Legends Ranked System assists and kills are awarded the same points, so we will be mentioning only kills and we are not talking about Arena Points in this article, since Ranked Arenas have a seperate system to calculate points.

How much RP is a kill in Apex Legends?

Each kill in Apex Legends Battle Royale can be worth a minimum of 1 RP and a maximum of 50 RP, depending on who you kill and what your placement is at the end of the game. These are the two things that Apex Legends checks before calculating how much RP was the kill you got.

According to the table that follows, you can see how much a kill or assist would be worth at the end of the game.


This might seem simple enough but there is another mechanism that enters the stage to complicate things a bit more, and that is the mechanism of the Tier Difference Multiplier. Let us see exactly what this weird thing is.

When you kill another player in the game, your two Apex Legends Ranks are compared. If you are on the same Tier, e.g., both Gold rank, then the game keeps as a multiplier the number 1. If on the other hand, the enemy player is two Tiers above you, e.g., he is Platinum rank and you are Silver rank then it will keep as a multiplier the number 1.5. So according to the Tier difference between you and the enemy the game will multiply the final ranking points for each kill according to this table.

-330 %
-270 %
-1100 %
0100 %
+1100 %
+2150 %
+3200 %

In the past there used to be a kill point multiplier, meaning that the Ranking Points for a kill (that was always 10) got multiplied by this number according to your placement in the match, with a maximum number of kills that would count for RP. After the Apex Legends Season 13 this multiplier got replaced by a flat number that is the value of each kill or assist, depending on the placement you got in the match and the rank of the enemy you killed.

Let us see an example to make it clearer. If you kill an enemy two tiers higher than you and at the end of the match your team finished in 2nd place, your kill score will be calculated as 23*1.5 RP (23 for the kill multiplied by 1.5 for the tier difference multiplier) adding up to 34 RP. Now, if you got 5 of the same kills you would get 170 RP for kills at the end of the match.

In the end, there is no way for you to know how much RP a kill is going to give you before you actually get that kill even at the Predator Rank that players are pitted only against other Predator players and Masters players it is still hard to know how much this kill I going to be worth in the end. The rule of thumb is, “the more kills you get, the more RP you will get”.

Why is Apex Legends’ kill RP system so complicated?

The developers of Apex Legends had one of two choices to make when they were making the ranked Battle Royale mode. Create a generic point system that would be easy to understand but unbalanced, or try to balance the Ranked Mode with a slightly more complicated point system.

The developers chose the latter and that becomes even more obvious by the fact that they have been tweaking the system each ranked season. They are trying to keep the game dynamic and diverse by shaking up the Apex Legends Ranked meta and also distribute the ranked players evenly .

For example, before ranked season 12 the players were mostly focusing on kills rather than placement which is not why the Ranked Battle Royale mode was created. Another thing that was missing from the Apex Legends Ranked modes was a way to “congratulate” players for killing a theoretically more skilled opponent or to “punish” them for killing lower-skilled players.

These problems were solved in Season 12. By making the kills worth fewer Ranking Points in total and by increasing the points you get just for placing in the match. The developers incentivized players to go for a slower and more methodical playstyle if they want to Rank Up faster. Also, with the Tier system, the challenge that is killing a higher ranked player has the appropriate reward.

Apex Legends is constantly evolving, becoming an all-around “deeper” game that is both new-player friendly, but at the same time fair and challenging for everyone. On this, Apex Legends Ranked System has made its mark amongst the gaming community for average ranked players, low ranked gamers and high ranked players!

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