Best Way To Get Kills In Apex Legends (Increase Your K/D)

In this article, we're going to be taking a look at 10 different methods you can utilize to get more kills in Apex Legends!

Updated on Dec 09, 2022
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Best Way To Get Kills In Apex Legends (Increase Your K/D)

Getting more kills in a battle royale game such as Apex usually means earning more experience and ranking up faster. There are multiple ways of getting more kills, and the preferred method may boil down to your personal preference. So without further delay, let's explore the various ways of racking up kills in Apex Legends.

Why Should You Try To Get More Kills In Apex Legends?

It is important to understand why players might try to improve their game to get more kills. Apart from the satisfaction that you get after experiencing high-kill games, kills can not only help you but also your team in earning podium positions and destroying enemy teams repeatedly.

While many consider players who get a lot of kills to be selfish, it is obvious that this has benefits for the entire team to reap. Most players who win gunfights consistently can get their squad out of sticky situations and maybe even clutch their way to victory.

What Is The Best Way Of Getting Kills In Apex Legends?

The best way of getting kills in Apex Legends is by having a solid aim. “Aim is King”, is a phrase often used in many first/third-person shooter games to emphasize the importance of having a tight aim if you want to get more kills. It is a fundamental skill that directly affects your ability to gun down enemies and win intense fights.

Many people argue that a good aim is not the only thing that is required to get kills, and while it may not be the only thing, it most certainly is the most important thing, serving as a common foundation upon which all other methods are built. You can have a good game sense, use smart tactics and good legends but still not get kills if you can't win a direct gunfight due to poor aim.

There are certain ways you can improve and maintain your aim. An appropriate way of doing so would be the practice mode, where you can practice strafing and aiming on bots. You can also incorporate legend abilities in training to design a more dynamic routine. Your aim will gradually get better the more matches you play, as a real-time game scenario with changing variables is perhaps the ideal way to test your reaction and aim.

A sharp aim becomes extra useful when trying to get kills in ranked mode. Apex has a very challenging competitive mode where players with some of the best aims compete together to rank up. This is where individual aiming skills really shine as no strategy or amount of game sense can save you from a high-ranked enemy’s aim. Face-to-face battles will require you to have superior aim if you want to win competitive matches.

There Are Other Ways To Get A High Kill Game In Apex

There are multiple ways to further increase your chances of experiencing high kill games, which involve using some unorthodox strategies and a solid understanding of in-game mechanics.

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Try To Develop Your Game Sense

Having exceptional game sense is the second most important way of ensuring high kill games in Apex Legends. Experience is not something that can be bought but can only be earned over time. Every match you play should make you wiser, regardless of whether you win or lose. Try to observe your play style and see where you fall short.

Think about alternative approaches that could have resulted in better outcomes and more kills. You are your own best teacher when it comes to learning from your mistakes. A good game sense can also differentiate between a high-ranked player and a low-ranked player.

Highly skilled players with a better game sense can make superior decisions regarding game tactics and as a result, get a larger number of kills every match.

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Picking The Right Character Is Important

Legends that have aggressive offensive abilities like Wraith, Bangalore, Bloodhound and Ash are perfect picks if you want to start fighting the moment you land. These characters are suited to a fast-paced play style and offer good mobility for pursuing enemy teams for complete elimination.

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Slower characters such as Caustic and Gibraltar are not recommended as they are defensive legends who are designed to hold their ground and absorb heavy amounts of damage. This is why quick offensive legends will allow you to obtain successive kills which works extremely well with the next method on this list.

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Choose The Right Weapons

Picking the correct weapon for the right situation is essential in getting kills in Apex. Weapons such as the R99 SMG with the faster fire rate and the Mastiff Shotgun are the best guns for getting kills as they have high damage per second (DPS) and can take out opponents with speed.

Equipping weapons such as a sniper rifle or the slower LMGs will do you no good in fast-paced gunfights which require mobility and high damage rates. This is exactly why high-ranked players are well-educated about the guns in the game and know precisely which weapon to use in any given situation.

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Stick To Close-Range Fights

A useful tip for winning gunfights is to keep the opponents close to you. The closer they are, the more they can be manipulated. Long-range gunfights do not guarantee multiple eliminations, as opponents can be revived and can even retreat to safer locations before being killed.

Close-range fights allow you to effectively make use of your legend’s abilities along with your high DPS weapons. This is something that will be very difficult to reproduce in long ranged fighting. Long-range fights also require a much more precise aim, leaving very little room for error.

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Always Keep Moving In Apex Legends

A moving target is harder to hit and difficult to intercept. If you keep traversing the map to new and different locations, your chances of finding an enemy squad increase, at the same making it challenging for enemies to track and hunt you down. This is why many high-ranked players prefer a dynamic play style that is constantly evolving and keeps them on their feet.

It is important to note that players who keep jumping from enemy to enemy will be able to get into more fights and farm kills within a short amount of time, boosting confidence and earning them some vital experience for future matches.

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Know Where To Land

It is important to land in a hot zone nearest to the flight path. These zones will result in the most fighting in the early game and are usually the places where most people drop. This requires you to be aware of the flight path so you can decide where to jump and time it right. In addition to this, you should try to jump as soon as possible to get to the loot before anyone else does.

This will increase your chances of catching players off guard and without loot, resulting in some quick and efficient kills right off the bat. This shows how map awareness also plays a significant role in getting kills in Apex Legends.

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Spend Less Time Looting Areas In Apex

This advice may sound counterintuitive to some, but those who want quick kills must spend less time looting areas of the map. Excessive time spent looting is time being lost that could be utilized elsewhere. The goal should be to loot players instead of entire areas.

Many Apex Legends players waste too much time looting and, as a result, miss out on opportunities to get into fights with other squads. Any lack of loot that you may have can easily be replenished by the enemies that you kill.

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Jump Into Fights Of Other Squads

A good way of getting kills in Apex Legends is by entering a fight that is already happening between two squads. You will have a high chance of catching players unaware of your presence, allowing you to eliminate them with ease.

Moreover, a pre-existing fight means that both parties are already somewhat damaged. This can make for some instant kills on weakened enemies, making your job much easier.

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Try To Play Apex With Friends

It is a no-brainer that playing battle royale games with a squad of friends always results in better matches due to greater chemistry between the teammates. Plus, it is easier to communicate with friends than it is with random strangers on the internet. A coordinated squad can do wonders for your kill count.

They will always have your back and will be willing to adjust to new tactics and work together in trying to achieve high kill games.

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Be Willing To Take Risks

You can not be camping in a corner and expect to get a large number of eliminations with an adrenaline-filled gaming experience. This is simply not possible. Taking more risks is the name of the game here because you won’t get kills if you don't try in the first place.

You need to have the confidence to be able to push enemies and hunt them down. Being too afraid to try new strategies and face enemies will never get you the kills you want.

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