Practice Mode in Apex Legends: Everything You Should Know

Have you maximized the chances to master Apex Legends using the practice mode? Get to grips with it to know how to conquer the arena.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Practice Mode in Apex Legends: Everything You Should Know

Being one of the giants in the Battle Royal genre, Apex Legends is continuously emerging, making its popularity skyrocket among gamers. Undoubtedly, with its steady trend, plenty of newbies are making their way into the arenas on a daily basis who may need to figure out how the gaming mechanics work. It's not all about practicing your aim's precision, being conscious about the strengths of your favorite Legend over the weaknesses is a must for the ultimate survival.

Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment has let the players hop into two modes, Training Mode and Firing Range for those who could transform them to a practice mode with two different objectives.

Training Mode

Apex Legends' Training Mode is introduced especially for the players who launch the game for the first time. Simply navigate into it by clicking on the icon above the "Play" buttonin the lobby screen, toggle between gaming modes and click on Training Mode on top left corner.

It is designed to grasp the very basics of the game before you jump into any gaming mode. The training area is taking place in the Firing Range and all you have to do is to follow Bloodhound and Pathfinder's voice lines until you turn back to the lobby screen. Make sure to grab and practice the basics by heading back to the Training Mode.


There are two main segments where Bloodhound and Pathfinder guide you separately to cover the different aspects of the game.

Once you boot up the Apex Legends for the first time, you have to complete the Training Mode before heading into Battle Royale or Ranked matches. You will spawn into a dark cave playing as Lifeline with 75 HP and Bloodhound will greet you and ask to follow his commands respectively.


You'll be shown a checklist to complete each basic movement, move, sprint, jump, while sprinting to slide and crouch. Once all of them are completed, it will proceed to the next task by following the Bloodhound's commands who will then accompany you to the Training area.


Once you reach the Training area, accompanied by Bloodhound, you have to open two Supply Bins full of Ordances and healing supplies. Frag Grenade, Thermite Grenade and a Health kit are located in the first Supply Bin and you have to perform a set of activities on them.

The second Supply Bin is carried of a R-301 Carbine with ammo which suddenly makes the Training Mode more joyful. You will be asked to aim down the targets and shoot them. Now the Firing Range is littered with all the rest of the guns grouped by ammo type, full of choices letting you pick up a secondary weapon.

A set of actions should be performed to learn on how to swap out and replace the guns that you hold.

Communicating with Pings

Once you complete the guide on the firearms, you will be then asked to ping down on certain objects, locations and enemies, unleashing another important aspect of the game that helps you to communicate with other teammates during a fast-paced match.

You will then have to meet Pathfinder upon the completion of tasks following the directions of Bloodhound.

Legend abilities and teamwork

Pathfinder's directions are mainly based on how Legend abilities and team coordination work during a game. Once you meet Pathfinder, you will be asked to revive a knocked down dummy, to mimic the action of reviving your squad mates.

The directions guide you to figure out how the Tactical ability of your Legend, Lifeline, works in the game. You have to use the health drone to distribute the health and heal the dummy by staying within the specified range, close to the dummy.

Once the dummy gets healed completely, Pathfinder will guide you on how to respawn a teammate by collecting the banner card from the death box of the dummy. Then you have to reach the Respawn Beacon and bring back the dummy using the banner card.

A dropship with the dummy will approach the area and the dummy will drop from it having full health. As the last task of this Training Mode you'll be asked to use the Ultimate ability by calling in the Care Package which includes three items of Loot.

It will land to the blue colored marker from which you need it to be located. Once all tasks get completed, Pathfinder will disappear and you will head back to the lobby after 20 seconds.

Is Training Mode enough to gear up for your first match?

Though Apex Legends' Training Mode seems beginner friendly for explaining the very basics of the game, its controversy surrounding it makes the gaming community suggest and calls for more updates from Respawn Entertainment.

As you progress through the tutorial, you can only notice that it only highlights how Lifeline's Tactical and Ultimate abilities work. It doesn't necessarily reveal anything about the Passive ability of Lifeline nor any other Legends, even in the voice lines of Bloodhound or Pathfinder, which leaves a huge question mark for a proper Training Mode.

Of course, her Passive ability, Combat Revive, can do a lot when reviving teammates nearby, leaving the health drone to continue reviving while defending herself or the teammate being revived. Leaving no choice but to play the Training Mode as Lifeline is another deterrent to pricatice when having more Legends in a roster where a new character is added each season in Apex Legends. In fact, the chances of having your trigger finger warmed up during the tutorial are less, which is definitely a huge downside.

Firing Range

Respawn announced a new mode in Apex Legends, Firing Range, on November 5, 2019, letting the players access a combat-free area, full of different weapons spawned in rows and categorized by their ammo type along with attachments and various lootable gear in each rarity.

Click on the icon above the "Play" buttonin the lobby screen, toggle between the gaming modes, and click on Firing Range in the top left corner to get into it. Upon launching the mode, once you spawn into a dark cave, you can get down to the bottom of the hill to reach the training area.

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