What's The Biggest Map In Apex Legends? All Maps Measured

What is the biggest map in Apex Legends and how does it impact the game? Read this article to find out.

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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What's The Biggest Map In Apex Legends? All Maps Measured

Similar to many battle royale games, Apex Legends also provides players with a handful of large maps to play on. The maps in Apex influence directly the outcome of every match, regardless of whether the mode is casual or ranked.

With that being said, let's jump right into the details of some of the biggest maps and why they hold such significance in Apex Legends.

Why Are Map Designs Important In Apex Legends?

Map design in Apex Legends is an important factor that directly affects how every individual match plays out. The addition of different maps keeps adding variations to the game and maintains player interest. In addition to this, map knowledge plays an important role when it comes to getting better at the game.

Speaking of ranking up in Apex, map awareness is essential if you want to progress to higher ranks. Players that are unaware of their surroundings in-game are more likely to stay at the same rank. Moreover, Apex Legends’ maps demand to be explored so players can devise new tactics to win matches. This is exactly why high-ranked players get accustomed to every nook and cranny of a new map as soon as it is released.

What Is The Largest Map In Apex Legends?

Apex Legends’ Storm Point is the largest map in the game. Storm Point is said to be 15% larger than the previous record holder of the largest Apex Legends map, World’s Edge which was sized around 2080m x 1769m. This was a noticeable size increase from the previous maps.

Storm Point consists of a large number of interest points such as Launch Site, Highpoint and the Mill, and getting to them may be a hassle. To resolve this issue this Respawn has placed gravity cannons all over the map. Gravity cannons can be used to launch yourself across large distances for quick and efficient relocation. This made areas of the map that were farther apart, much more accessible.

Largest map apex legends

Storm Point brought major PvE elements into the game by adding wildlife nests throughout the map which would force players to fight venomous spiders and prowlers if they ventured too close to these nests.

This element was not prioritised in Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Furthermore, strategic points of interest such as the Storm Catcher and the Command Center have made Storm Point a highly competitive map.

What Maps Are Present In Apex Legends?

The battle royale mode of the game includes 4 distinct maps, each offering fresh features and a unique landscape for players to try new strategies on. We'll be listing these maps from the largest to the smallest.

Storm Point

The fourth addition to the map list was Storm Point. Storm Point was released in Apex Legends Season 11. Unlike any of the previous Apex Legends maps, the Storm Point map was a tropical island located on planet Gaia, with large beaches and high mountains, providing a diverse landscape for players to traverse.

Storm Point

Storm Point was a game changer as it brought to the table a unique, never before seen landscape with different routes for flanking and escape, capturing the attention of many players who wanted to test their mettle on this new map.

As mentioned earlier, Storm Point brought with it a bunch of new gameplay mechanics causing a wide shift in play style across the board. Due to tighter positions on the map, players have had to choose different legends than what they usually use.

A prime example of this change can be that of more players shifting to legends such as Seer, Bloodhound and Horizon due to their ability to detect enemies in the confusing maze-like design of the map, with Horizon being able to use her gravity boost to get to higher locations on Storm Point.

Another shift can be seen with more players using snipers to take full advantage of Storm Point’s verticality. Players recon and hold positions from far away to make the best of the tall structures on the map.

Map layouts are also tweaked with town takeovers. Town takeovers are introduced after feedback from players to make changes in certain layouts and Apex map rotation to improve them for future gameplay. The details of these changes are included in the patch notes released with every new update. Storm Point was also updated in Season 13 and is regularly updated causing players to keep evolving their play styles to keep up.

World’s Edge

World’s Edge was the next map added in Season 3 of the game. Similar to Kings Canyon, World’s Edge also has tall cliffs with narrow valleys but with the addition of lava pits and geysers due to the high volcanic activity on the island. In addition to this, the map has a large river of lava flowing through its centre.

Worlds Edge

World’s Edge is a fast-paced map that leads to intense engagements between players. The Launch Site and Lava City are some of the most visited sites on the map often resulting in the most eliminations.


The third addition to the map list in Apex Legends was Olympus. Olympus was added to the game in Apex Legends’ Season 7.


Olympus was designed with a futuristic dream city in mind. Unlike Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, Olympus has a flatter terrain with many closely linked city buildings placed strategically across the map. Olympus promoted close-quarters combat, especially in the interior of the map. The Energy Depot, Docks and Elysium provided high-tier loot and were widely visited areas of this map.

Kings Canyon

The battle royale mode of the game was initially released with a single map called Kings Canyon. Kings Canyon has a size of approximately 1706m x 1879m and consists of a large range of tall, rocky cliffs and small water bodies located on the planet Solace. It houses a water treatment plant and an airbase amongst other facilities and buildings.

Kings Canyon encourages players to move quickly and make decisions on the go, as certain areas of the map such as Containment and Relic tend to get heated pretty quickly.

Kings Canyon

How Does The Size of The Storm Point Map Affect Ranked Play?

Storm Point forces players to adopt a different play style due to the versatility it brings with its tall mountains and dangerous wildlife, which make for interesting matches. The previous maps made for close-quarters combat and fast-paced action. But due to Storm Point being a much larger map, players have to slow down and proceed with caution in order to increase their chances of escape or survival. It is also known as the worst map in Apex Legends.

This abrupt shift in pace and gameplay was not preferred by everyone and despite the new features of the map, Storm Point still finds itself behind older maps such as Kings Canyon and even World’s Edge in popularity as can be seen in a poll on Reddit here.

What Is The Future Of Map Updates?

Respawn Entertainment has largely remained silent over the future of the battle royale game but it can be observed that Respawn tends to release new maps at the beginning of the final season of a year. Assuming this trend continues, players can expect a new map to be released during the new season in the last 3 months of a year.

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