What is the average RP rating in Apex Legends ranked modes!

Find out which is the average RP rating in Apex Legends and compare it to your rank!

average RP rating in Apex Legends
average RP rating in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends competitive scene is a jungle. There are thousands of players all over the world constantly fighting and grinding in order to improve their Rank and get the next hit of dopamine from seeing the “Rank Up!” pop up.

In this jungle, it is hard to know if you are the predator or the victim. You might feel that you are playing exceptionally well and that you are dominating your matches, but then realize that the game is designed to make you feel like that. Or you can feel you are underperforming, but see that compared to the average player, you are a god amongst men.

If you are looking to get a realistic image of your skill level (at least compared to the majority of the players) you should continue reading.

What is the average RP rating in Apex Legends!

The average RP rating in Apex Legends Ranked Battle Royale is Bronze to Silver or approximately between 1000 RP to 5400 RP. The average AP rating for Apex Legends Ranked Arenas is Silver to Gold or approximately 2000 AP to 2600 AP.

If you create a graph of all the players of Apex Legends that play Ranked Battle Royale, 65% of them would be in the Bronze or Silver ranks. 

That is of course taking into account that the ranked split has been around for a few weeks and the wheat has been separated from the chaff. By that, we mean that the Predator and Master ranked players had enough time to reach the placements they “deserve”.

So, as you see, the Apex Legends player that invests some time in playing ranked Battle Royale will pass through Bronze and Silver ranks quite easily (0 RP-2800 RP), but probably after the Gold ii – Gold iii rank he will start to find it increasingly harder to win games and as a result harder to earn Ranking Points and reach higher ranks. Actually, the rank with the highest concentration of players is Platinum iv. Probably since this rank is a “checkpoint” (meaning you can not derank), people just stay there, realizing that Platinum is a bit too demanding.

Apex Legends Ranked Arenas is a different story. The data show that the average rank of the Ranked Arenas player is much lower than that of the Battle Royale player. In theory, this might sound like the Arenas players are much worse than the Battle Royale Players but what is really happening is that Ranked Arenas haven’t been getting as much love as Battle Royale. Actually, 75.8% of the players that try Apex Legends Arenas never play Ranked Arenas and because of that, the skill level is much lower.

The increase of the average RP rating in Apex Legends Ranked!

It is interesting to note that the average RP rating in Apex Legends has been shifting higher and higher with every season. From data that EA has released, we can see that every Apex Legends season, more and more players have been escaping from Silver and Gold to higher ranks. 

Rank Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Bronze 5.2% 3.9% 17.54%
Silver 40% 29.1% 27.2%
Gold 37.5% 35.3% 33.72%
Platinum 16.8% 23.6% 18.825
Diamond 2.1% 7.1% 2.51%
Master - - 0.21%
Predator 0.2% 1.0%
Rank Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8
Bronze 16.22% 17.76% 16.35% 17.87%
Silver 22.83% 26.23 23.86 17.86
Gold 32.31% 36.25% 32.09% 31.84%
Platinum 23.96% 17.75% 23.13% 26.16%
Diamond 4.37% 1.89% 4.37% 5.86%
Master 0.31% 0.12% 0.2% 0.4%

This can mean that people that start playing Apex Legends keep on playing for a long time and as a result, the player base has gotten more and more skilled. For example, in Apex Legends season 2, 40% of the players ended up in the Silver rank while only 16.8% ever reached Platinum. In the last ranked split of Season 8, this percentage got reversed to 17.86% Silver and 26.16% Platinum.

What does it mean to be an average Apex Legends ranked player?

Ok, we showed you the numbers and you finally know how you rank compared with the average Apex Legends player. But in the end, what does it mean to be average in Apex Legends ranked? We can offer you some basic characteristics so you get the gist of it.

According to the statistics, the average Apex Legends ranked player has a Kill/Death ratio of 1.0, which means for each kill they got, they died one time. There is some dispute around if this is considered a “good” K/D or “average” but in the end, kills are not the only thing that matters if we are talking ranked. 

You could be dying three games in a row very early but then win one with a few kills and you would still get a positive RP score. Of course, at the Diamond or Predator rank, this is no longer sustainable.

Another one of their characteristics is that they are easier to play with. Somewhere around 3000-6000 RP, the players have a perfect balance of knowledge for the game but also humility. Of course, a Master or Predator player will be more skilled and more versed in the mechanics of the game, but they are much more arrogant. This makes them harder to cooperate with, creating an artificial extra difficulty in the Diamond rank. Thankfully playing with the average Apex Legends player is a blast!

How long does it take to get to the average RP in Apex Legends?

As we said the average rank in Apex Legends is gold-platinum. Usually, it takes around 2-3 Weeks to reach gold i rank but after they manage to go to platinum iv the difficulty increases drastically. It’s not that the enemies are suddenly much more skilled, what increases the difficulty is the entry cost of a ranked Apex Legends lobby. From 24 RP that it costs to play a match as a gold player, now it will cost 36 RP. This small increase in Ranking Points cost makes it so that every “fast death” or “ in the match hurts a bit extra in the RP.

If you want to reach the absolute average which is the rank Platinum iv, it would take you probably 2 more weeks of carefully executed matches. After that, as we have mentioned many times, there is a pretty big spike in difficulty, so if you have been struggling to reach Platinum, you should look into training your aim more and learning more advanced movement techniques if you are looking to rank up faster and break through the averageness!