Do You Need A Mic In Apex Legends? The Facts Explained

A mic is a communication tool used in almost every multiplayer game. But is it necessary for Apex Legends? Read this article to find out.

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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Do You Need A Mic In Apex Legends? The Facts Explained

The battle royale genre of games is one that encourages players to squad up with strangers on the internet to make a cohesive team. This makes communication, verbal or non-verbal, an extremely important aspect to consider.

Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment is one such battle royale game that allows you to communicate with other players through its ping system, text chat, or via a microphone. Let's explore the importance of a mic and discover whether it is essential or not when playing Apex Legends.

Is A Mic Necessary In Apex Legends?

A mic may not be a necessity in the PC and Console versions of Apex Legends as they offer some viable alternatives, but it can highlight the interactive nature of the game and help you fly through matches without having to lose your mind over a squad that plays selfishly and refuses to cooperate.

A mic can also greatly increase your chances of survival, making it a crucial communicative tool for those who want to climb the rank ladder quickly. This is why players who are constantly trying to get better at the game always have an external or a built in mic set up. The easy-to-access nature of a mic makes it incredibly useful for players of Apex Legends Mobile.

mic settings apex legends

Pinging and typing on a small screen can become annoying really fast, making Apex Legends Mobile perhaps the only platform where a mic may be considered a necessity.

What Is The Role Of A Mic In Apex Legends?

A microphone enables players to communicate with their entire squad instantly without the delays of any added steps. Fast-paced matches in Apex Legends promote the use of this rapid form of communication, making a microphone essentially the binding force between friends and strangers alike.

This makes for an interactive gaming experience that is also dynamic in nature and indirectly prevents the game from becoming tedious and monotonous.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Mic In Apex Legends?

Unlike other battle royale games, Apex forces you to play with teammates and does not provide players with a solo mode. Although a ‘No Fill’ option was added in the Chaos Theory Collection Event, it only allowed a limited amount of solo players per match, throwing the lone wolf approach out the window.

This team-based gameplay style increases the significance of the text and voice chat and as a result a microphone too. Players who make use of a microphone can reap various benefits when playing Apex.

Voice Chat Results In Quick Communication

When playing Apex, players will often come face to face with a large number of intense fighting scenarios that require quick and efficient communication. This is where having a microphone comes in handy, especially for Apex Legends Mobile players.

Having the ability to give fast call-outs over voice chat can be the difference between a good and a bad match between a loss and a victory.

Effective communication using a microphone can not only help save your life but also those of your teammates. This increases your chances of winning more matches and helps you earn experience points faster.

Using A Mic Can Help You Rank Up Faster

It is no surprise to see a large number of players compete in ranked matches in Apex Legends. Ranked mode is one of the largest selling points of the game. Competitive matches require players to play together as a squad, as the actions of one can have major consequences for the rest of the members as well.

The need to be an effective team highlights the importance of good communication. The best form of which is no doubt via a microphone. Ranking up to higher ranks in Apex is a difficult task in itself, but teams that maintain voice communication are able to locate enemies and discuss game plans on the go.

This gives players with a microphone, a large advantage over those without one. Proving how even an average team that communicates well can become an effective powerhouse in Apex Legends.

Voice Chat Is Superior To Text Chat In Apex Legends

apex legends mic

Apex also allows players to communicate via text message using a chat box in the top left corner of the screen. While the chat box is a reasonable alternative, it can not match the ease of use that comes with using a microphone.

Voice chat is something that can be accessed even without pressing any buttons, as compared to the slow typing of a text message that can take up useful time that may be utilized elsewhere.

No player has the time to stop mid-fight to type a full sentence for communication. Typing turns into a hbuttle, especially in ranked matches where every second counts. Moreover, incoming text messages from other players pop up on the screen, often acting as a distraction during heated battles.

Using push-to-talk or an always-on microphone removes the time delay between call-outs and allows players to focus properly on the battle at hand.

Using A Mic Works Well With Apex Legends’ Ping System

Apex Legends has a ping system in the game which can be used to mark points of interest, enemies, and supplies to name a few. Like the message system, this feature is also a decent alternative but pinging works best when used with a mic.

Players can mark spots and use their mics simultaneously to explain further the significance or the priority of a ping. This adds depth to the communication between your squad and improves collective efficiency. These same features are also available in Apex Legends Mobile.

High-ranked players are often known to make use of a combination of the ping system and voice chat, with many crediting this combined system as a major reason behind their high rank.

Using A Mic Can Make For Some Entertaining Moments

Apart from being an effective communication tool, a mic can also lead to some amusing moments, often capturing player reactions the instant they occur. Teammates are able to fully express their emotions in the heat of the moment.

This serves as a team-building exercise and provides you with a way of connecting with random teammates online or it can simply result in you having fun with a group of friends.

This leads to the development of a healthy game community that is friendly and willing to cooperate to achieve mutual success, albeit for a short match. In the likelihood of an unpleasant event, you can mute other squad members as well.

A mic is not only widely used by the console and PC player base but also by the Apex Legends Mobile community.

Mics Are Ideal For Apex Legends Mobile

When playing Apex Legends Mobile, players may find it particularly hard to use the text chat and pinging features. A mobile screen is usually very small, making it difficult to type and play games at the same time. On-screen keyboards take up more than half the screen, making it an annoying experience for many.

Using a built-in mic for voice chat is perhaps the only option for users that play Apex Legends Mobile. Players must give voice permissions to the game via the settings menu and enable voice chat in the audio tab to be able to talk to and hear other players.

apex legends mobile mic

Players of Apex Legends Mobile can click the microphone icon in the top left corner of the screen during a game to turn their mic on. They can also touch the speaker icon above to mute other squad members if need be.

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