Can You Play Apex Legends Solo? The Facts Explained

Apex Legends is a team-based battle royale game that encourages you to cooperate with other players. But can Apex be played solo? Read this article to find out.

Updated on Nov 03, 2022
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Can You Play Apex Legends Solo? The Facts Explained

Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment is a battle royale game that focuses on team play and squad coordination. Apex Legends was developed while keeping team tactics in mind and even different playable legends in the game are built to function together and not as independent units, especially in ranked leagues.

With that being said, let's explore whether players can play solo in Apex Legends, how a solo mode can impact the game, and if it is even worth playing in the first place.

What Is Solo Play In Apex Legends?

A solo mode is a widely requested mode in Apex Legends, mainly because it allows players to experiment with different play styles and techniques to improve their personal game. Players can pick uncommon legends and test out different characters and their abilities.

Players that play solo can also avoid random players who do not communicate or cooperate in-game. Plus the challenge of playing solo is a far greater challenge than playing with a squad. The lack of squad support adds more thrill to the game and always keeps you on your toes. This is why so many players are attracted to the feature and want it to be permanently included in Apex Legends.

Can You Play Apex Legends Solo?

No, you cannot play Apex Legends solo. This is because there is no dedicated solo mode in Apex Legends where solo players can battle it out. There has been a limited-time mode in the past called the Iron Crown Event, where Respawn Entertainment added a temporary solo mode to the game.

However, in the unranked mode of Apex Legends, players can choose the No Fill option to join a match without any teammates. This will still put players against other teams of duos or trios but without any teammates of their own. It is also important to note that every match has a limit of only 6 No Fill players that are allowed to proceed with solo play. This ensures that the pace of the match is not disrupted.

This solo option was added in Apex Legends in the season 8 Chaos Theory Update, only after popular demand, which shows how the developers have been reluctant to add a permanent solo mode since the release of the game.

Even senior developer at Respawn Entertainment, Josh Medina has previously commented on how “solos aren't healthy for the game”. This lays emphasis on the team-based foundation of Apex Legends, and how the developers prefer to keep it that way.

How Does A Solo Mode Impact Apex Legends?

Since its release, the permanent addition of a solos mode has been a widely debated topic amongst the Apex player base. The lack of a solo mode is a major aspect of the game that makes it stand out from some of the most popular games out there.

Due to Apex Legends being a team game, it has become increasingly challenging to incorporate a solos mode into the game. While the addition of the mode may be a seemingly simple process, it brings with it to the table a bunch of different drawbacks that must be taken into consideration.

You Can Not Play Solo In Ranked Mode

An Apex Legends solo mode or a No Fill mode is not made available for ranked matches, as Respawn Entertainment has specifically tailored the ranked mode to be played competitively with a full squad in either the trios or the duos mode.

A significant reason behind this mechanic’s existence is that certain legends such as Lifeline or Loba who provide support abilities would practically become useless in a game mode that puts people in 1v1 situations. This design is intentional so as to encourage teamwork.

The ranking system of Apex Legends already makes it a difficult task for players to climb the ranks to Apex Predator and a solo game mode would put some legends at a disadvantage over others, making them obsolete and progress slower.

Solo Mode Requires A Drastic Change Of Legend Designs

In order to allow Apex Legends players to play solo, a complete overhaul of the Legends system would be required. The Legends are interlinked and support each other in matches where their abilities must be used together to achieve dominance in a fight.

This system is not only complicated to redesign but also not worth the developers' time, effort, and money. The Legend system has taken years to reach a balanced state. Changing it would go against the original intended game design and would consequently lead to more bugs and imbalances, ruining the player experience.

Playing Solo In Apex Legends Affects Play Style

If you are using No Fill to play solo in Apex Legends, it is only natural for your play style to shift to a slightly more self-centred approach, taking away from the team play aspect of the game. Prolonged solo play will make it difficult for you to readjust back to team matches.

The gradual shift to solo-styled plays in Apex Legends can make it harder for players to communicate and coordinate with teammates in a regular game, especially during ranked matches. Players can become used to prioritizing themselves over their teammates, negatively impacting team play mechanics of the game.

Should You Play Solo In Apex Legends?

While it is certainly possible to play 1v2 or 1v3 using the No Fill feature and reap the benefits of experimenting with different legends and tactics to improve skill, the developers think it is best for you to keep this an occasional thing and invest more time into regular matches. They believe this will keep the squad mechanics alive and the team spirit high while ensuring that the flow of the game is not interrupted.

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