Is the Platinum Rank good in Apex Legends? How much RP to get to Platinum? Definitive answer!

The Platinum Rank in Apex Legends is not what you think it is. Find out all about it and even more here!
Is the Platinum Rank good in Apex Legends? How much RP to get to Platinum? Definitive answer!

There is something about ranks that are seemingly in the middle of a ranked system that makes them unappealing. Nobody really likes to be in the middle, since they feel that it means they are just average and nothing more. That is the case with the Platinum Rank in Apex Legends.

Platinum is a rank that looks like it’s the average RP of Apex Legends but this is just a misconception that players have. If you are wondering what the Platinum rank really represents, stick with us and you will find out.

Is Platinum Rank Good in Apex Legends?

Yes, Platinum Rank is very good. It is at least above average according to the statistics since being in Platinum puts you in the top 9% of all Apex Legends players. This didn’t used to be the case. Before Apex Legends Ranked Season 13, Platinum iv used to be the definition of the average rank according to the rank distribution. But everything changed when Season 13 attacked.

The RP of Platinum in Apex Legends 

Now, thanks to the fact that you can derank and the general changes to the Entry Costs, it became increasingly difficult for players to consistently rank higher than Gold. In Season 13 the developers also increased the Ranking Point threshold for each Rank Tier and divisions of each rank (Platinum is 8200-11400 RP), expecting a big inflation of RP since they also removed the RP cap that existed before.

As you can see, everything has changed but the results were not exactly what the developers expected. Yes, there are people that have earned big amounts of RP in one single match, but the amount lost on average in the span of many games has increased more than the amount gained. This is why we saw this big drop in the average RP.

If you managed to get to Platinum in Season 13, you should be proud of your achievement since it looks like this is not something many players can do. Approximately less than 10% of the players will ever reach platinum and less than 7% will move on to Diamond. These are some truly low numbers for a rank that “looks like it’s the average”.

How to improve from the Platinum Rank

Even though Platinum is an above-average rank, you are nowhere near the highest rank you can get. The ranks above you are full of skilled players that have fought against some of the best players in the game and survived, so you should use whatever you can to your advantage to get these precious Ranked Points and go towards the Apex Predator rank.

  •  Play with a pre-made squad. Maybe you reached this rank by playing solo, but if you want to get higher, you need to play with people you know.
  • Consider warming up before you play ranked matches. Every win counts and even more importantly every loss!
  • Try to master every weapon. You should be ready to use any kind of firepower if you want to survive the arena!
  • Keep positive and talk to your time. It’s important to keep the morale of your squad high! It will make a difference in your performance!
  • Learn how to flank! Head-to-head fights are 100% skill-based and sometimes you might not have the advantage. Try to get in a position that will give you easy shots at your enemies!
  • Always have a Legend in your team that will help you reposition fast and safely. Valkery is the best choice but Ash or Wraith work as well.
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