ImperialHal Apex Legends Settings [Updated]

ImperialHal is currently the best Apex Legends player. If you want to be as good as ImperialHal, you'd be wise to use his Apex Legends settings.

Updated on Dec 22, 2023
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ImperialHal Apex Legends Settings [Updated]

ImperialHal Mouse Settings

What is the best mouse sensitivity for Apex Legends? That's the question that everyone wonders about. For ImperialHal, the answer is 1.1 for your Normal Sensitivity and 1.0 for your Aim Down Sight Sensitivity. It might seem like a snail's pace for some, but for the #1 ranked Apex Predator it's just perfect.

Mouse SettingValue
Normal Sensitivity1.0
Aim Down Sight Sensitivity1.1

Mouse Settings

This might come off as cliche, but there's nothing quite like playing on a low-sensitivity. Higher sensitivities have their advantages, sure, especially when you need to make a snap reaction. However, the benefits of low sensitivity are too good to pbutt up. The advantage you get at range is nice. But the real beauty is the ability to lead targets with ease.

ImperialHal Controller Settings

When you think of the best Apex controller players, you might think of Effect or Verhulst, but did you know that ImperialHal also uses a controller from time to time?

Controller SettingsValue
Look Sensitivity4
Look Sensitivity (ADS)3
Response CurveLinear
Look DeadzonesNone

Controller Settings

Admittedly, ImperialHal doesn't change his controller setting that much. He prefers to play on Default, so nothing fancy there. The only notable changes are the fact that he sets his Response Curve to Linear and that he disables Deadzones completely. Other than that, there aren't any major changes.

ImperialHal Video Settings

ImperialHal is regarded as one of the best Apex Legends streamers currently. Well, at least according to me. I find that his streams aren't just fun to watch, but extremely educational as well. And what kind of video settings does ImperialHal use?

Video SettingValue
Display ModeFullscreen
Aspect Ratio16:9 (Native)
Resolution1920x1080 (Native)
Field of View110
Color Blind ModeOff
Sprint View ShakeMinimal
Adaptive Resolution FPS Target0
Texture Streaming BudgetUltra (8GB VRAM)
Texture FilteringBilinear
Ambient Occlusion QualityDisabled
Sun Shadow CoverageLow
Sun Shadow DetailLow
Spot Shadow DetailDisabled
Volumetric LightingDisabled
Dynamic Spot ShadowsDisabled
Model DetailLow
Effects DetailLow
Impact MarksDisabled

Video Settings

Surprise! ImperialHal likes to keep most of his settings on Low, or as close to a "Performance Mode" as possible. This has the caveat of being less pleasing to watch. However, ImperialHal more than makes up for that with his amazing gameplay skills. So we'll give him a pbutt this time. The only noticeable thing here is his FOV, which is set to 110. But that's about it.

ImperialHal Keybinds

Previously I mentioned how ImperialHal likes to play with the Default controller scheme. Well, it isn't much different when it comes to his keybinds as well. Most of the ones he uses are the game's default keybinds.

Weapon & AbilitiesMovement
Tactical Ability - QCrouch - L-Ctrl
Ultimate Ability - ZJump - Space
Interact/Pickup - ESprint - L-Shift
Melee - V
Syringe - 5
Medkit - 6
Shield Cell - 7
Shield Battery - 8
Phoenix Kit - 9

Some might find this strange, but I find this quite telling actually. You don't need any fancy keybinds to get an advantage, all you need is dedication and lots of practice. ImperialHal is living proof of that.

ImperialHal Gaming Gear

Not a lot is known about ImperialHal's setup. What we do know mostly comes from his sponsors and affiliates. Here's what's been confirmed so far.

Gaming GearGaming PCStreaming PC
Mouse - Logitech G Pro x SuperlightCPU - Intel Core i9-12900KCPU - AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
Keyboard - Odin Gaming Nova 65GBU - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080TIGPU - RTX 3090 (Unspecified Model)
Monitor - BenQ Zowie XL2546KMemory - 32GB Ram (Unspecified Model)Memory - 32GB Ram (Unspecified Model)
Headset - Sennheiser CX300 II
Microphone - Shure SM7B
Control Pad - Elgato Stream Deck MK.2
Webcam - Sony a7 III
Chair - Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody

Not bad. Definitely not bad. It's not the most high-end gear on the market, but it's definitely powerful nonetheless. Then again, my setup is nowhere near as powerful as ImperialHal's. So to me, it's all science fiction.

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