The best 75 Call of Duty Clan Names

Some Call of Duty clan names like FaZe have become infamous, and a Call of Duty clan tag can identify if a player is a sweat or there for a good time.
The best 75 Call of Duty Clan Names

There's nothing cooler than entering a Call of Duty game with your cool clan name in your Gamertag, along with all the other members of your clan. Whether it's cool clan names, funny clan names or even sweaty clan names, this awesome COD feature can provide a sense of unity between gamers.

Whether you want sweaty clan names for your new eSports org, or just want some cool clan names or funny clan names for your small group of friends, here are the top 75 best clan names for Call of Duty.

How Do I Create My Own Clan Name?

Clan tag example

Before you get started on thinking up or scrolling through some clan name ideas, you need to know exactly how you change your Call of Duty clan name. The problem with COD clan names is that there cannot be any repeats - once a clan name is taken, no other player can use it for a new clan name.

This of course means that the earlier you can secure your perfect clan name, the better, and the same goes for usernames. To find out what the best usernames are, read our article on the best Call of Duty Usernames.

Here are the key things to remember when creating your Call of Duty clan name:

  • Every COD clan name has a limit of 20 characters, so make sure yours fits this
  • You cannot use special characters such as commas or dollar signs in your clan names
  • The only other character you can use that isn't a letter or number is an underscore
  • If the clan name you want is taken, try adding in an underscore

Top 25 Sweaty Clan Names For COD

COD has always been a game with lots of amazing, sweaty players, and a team of sweats is incomplete without a sweaty clan name. Assuming all clan members are good enough to live up to the name, these are the top 25 best gaming clan names for the greatest players in the game.

  1. Zero Remorse: One of the sweatiest clan names, this shows a clans game will be full of flashbangs and stun grenades
  2. Boiled In Blood: For those interested in clan wars and chasing kills
  3. One Second Corpses: This gaming clan name implies precision and headshots only
  4. Hard Drive Looters: One of the cooler clan names, this is all about devasting the enemy
  5. Chill Frag Receivers: For sweats who like to relax as they bully the enemy in online games
  6. Loading Warriors: One of the clan names known for sending you back to the loading screen
  7. No Mercy: One of those clan names that strikes fear, this is for people who don't give downed players a chance to get up
  8. Zealous Squad: Religiously fanatic about getting kills, this is the clan name for ruthless players
  9. Agent47: Drawing from the infamous Agent47, these clan names are cold and calculating
  10. Blood Hunters: One of those gaming clan names always out for kills
  11. Gun Masters: True masters of their craft, one of those clan name ideas for professionals
  12. Bad Boyz: The rogues of online gaming, always antagonising other clans
  13. Vindictive Paladin: Don't dare to shoot at this clan name, as they will get their revenge
  14. Gun Diggers: First they use their guns, then they dig your graves
  15. Axis of Evil: Spawning from a famous Bush quote, this is for the bad guys of COD
  16. Immortal Souls: A clan tag for legends that never die
  17. Game Addicts: One of the good team names for people who never leave their console
  18. Secret Agents: This sort of clan name lurks in the bushes and surprises the enemy
  19. The Firewall Armory: Clans with all the firepower
  20. Pros Only: Only professionals allowed
  21. Power Demonic Criminals: For sweaty players straight from hell
  22. High Warriors: For the high and mighty
  23. Keyboard Champions: For PC playing sweats
  24. Victory Seekers: Always hunting that win
  25. John Wickers: From the famous John Wick

Top 25 Funny Clan Names For COD

Some gamers just want to relax, not take things seriously, and have a good time. For these groups of friends, it is the funny clan names that are the best fit, disarming enemies with humour and setting a fun mood for the lobby.

And if you want to be laughing all the way to the bank, check out our article on how to earn money while playing COD Warzone!

So, here are the top 25 best clan name ideas for adding humour and joy to the lobby with humorous clan names.

  1. Frying Pan Paladins: Reminiscent of old PUBG frying pan days
  2. Suicide Squad: For idiots who run into danger
  3. High Ping Warriors: One of those clan name ideas for laggy players
  4. Panic At The Ring: Perfect for players who panic at the final circle
  5. Collateral Kings: Line up those snipes and get your collats!
  6. Purveyors of Plague: A nice bit of filthy alliteration
  7. Elvispreslay: A funny play the great Elvis' name
  8. Gugu Gulag: Nothing more embarrassing than losing to a Gulag baby
  9. Fake Newbs: Players who are more experienced than they seem
  10. Dead Men Walking: For clans whose fates are sealed
  11. Annoying Kill Stealers: The name says it all
  12. Chest Interceptors: You'll find no headshots with this unique name
  13. Fun Guns: It's all about having fun
  14. Chickenlovers: For people who love chicken
  15. Mayhem Makers: Always causing trouble for other players
  16. Under Your Skins: A stressed player's worst nightmare
  17. You Missed: Everyone would hate dying to this clan name
  18. Smooth Criminals: Always stealing the win, and the kills
  19. Crouching Teabaggers: A clan bringing it back to OG COD days
  20. Cluck Off: Because profanity is banned
  21. Doobie Noobie: Clans names perfect for new players
  22. Onion Cutters: These guys will make you cry
  23. Aimbot Punishers: Brave souls fighting hackers
  24. People Blasters:
  25. Chillin Killin: Another clan name ideas for chill gamers

Top 25 Cool Clan Names For COD

Of course, a good clan name almost always has to be a cool clan name, as cool names always stand out in a Call of Duty lobby full of random letters and numbers. 

Gaming clan names are a way to establish you and your friends' presence in the lobby, and the best clan names will be remembered by the people you demolish long after the game has ended.

These are the best clan name ideas for ensuring everyone in the lobby knows just how epic you are, even before you smoke the enemy team.

  1. Satan’s Soldiers: A cool name for an evil army clan
  2. Written In Blood: A badass clan who always get kills
  3. Martial Warlocks: These guys are absolute warriors
  4. Stone Cold Stunners: A clan name with the charm of the infamous "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
  5. Instinct: That's all this clan needs to win
  6. Golden Bullets: Because every shot from this clan kills
  7. Death Eaters: Based on the terrifying Death Eaters of Harry Potter
  8. Immortals: This is a clan name for those who never die
  9. Sudden Death Eye: As soon as you see this clan, it's game over
  10. Merciless Cobras: Vicious snakes, waiting to bite
  11. Undead God: A clan that rules the Warzone
  12. Death Dose: Hear to give you your medicine
  13. Clan Assault Force: For people always on the attack
  14. Hitmen: Ready to complete their hit on you
  15. Solar: A clan that is blindingly good
  16. Silver Ghouls: This clan moves so fast, you'll never see them coming
  17. Emerald Soldiers: A true jewel of the battlefield
  18. Bloody Brotherhood: A clan that will always pay the blood price to win
  19. Grim Leaders: A clan full of stoic attitudes and winning records
  20. Apocalypse: These guys will get that nuke and end the game
  21. Arbiters: Bringing back a classic Halo name into COD
  22. Royal One-Tap Guardians: A clan name for one-tap experts
  23. Immortal Victors: These guys are impossible to kill, or beat
  24. Lethal Bounty Hunters: For people obsessed with Warzone bounties
  25. The Sleepers: A clan that will quickly put you to sleep

And that's our ultimate list of the 75 good clan names you should use for your own COD group! Being a part of a team is always an awesome feeling, and having the coolest clan name in the lobby can give a psychological edge over the enemy.

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