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What Are the Worst Zombies Maps in Call of Duty?

We have listed the worst Zombies maps that Call of Duty players avoid playing. But have you played or stopped playing any of these Call of Duty Zombies maps?
What Are the Worst Zombies Maps in Call of Duty?

While many of these Call of Duty Zombies maps are lauded by players, some pale in comparison to other maps. Today, we will list the worst Call of Duty Zombies maps for you, which are the least liked by the fans. Let's get started then!



And finally, there's TranZit, a fan's nightmare that will be a torture for those who've played the other best Call of Duty Zombies maps. This zombies map is a total disaster! This is unquestionably the worst zombies map ever, according to the community. Everything about this map is so wrong that most of the players left this mode unfinished. Although the idea of this mode looks good in theory, a poor execution awaits us when it comes to its gameplay.

TranZit is based on traveling to specific points in a bus. Although this idea looks cool, it's actually torture. Zombies can easily penetrate the bus and spoil your enjoyment of the game. When players become unintentionally stranded in one of the places, you don't want to play any more because you realize it's a waste of time. When you want to go to places other than the bus on foot, Denizens make you regret it. When we take all this into account, we understand very well why TranZit is hated.


Nuketown Zombies

Nuketown Zombies is the second-to-last amongst the Call of Duty worst Zombies maps. Those who bought the Hardened Edition or Care Package Edition can access this map. Since practically everything is uncertain, this map and the zombies mode are complete chaos. You can't reach the best Call of Duty Zombies perks, Juggernog and Speed Cola, which are essential for success in this map. Instead you see Perk-a-Cola machines everywhere.

Moreover, the layout of this map is horrible, and several locations are death traps due to their extreme near proximity. This map has the potential to be annoying, frustrating, and extremely boring. Also, the boss zombie of this map is quite difficult. Maps where the boss zombie is difficult should generally be supported by its other features, but we see that this map is insufficient for all of them.



Buried, the Call of Duty Vengeance map where you take on zombies underground, is quite controversial. Half of those who played this map loved it, while the other half undoubtedly hated it. The worst thing about this map is its design. Its dark, narrow and tight setting did not appeal to some Call of Duty players. But those who like gloomy and terrifying maps liked this map.

But what most players agree on is that this map is very easy compared to the others and ends quickly. The absence of a challenge causes the game to be inefficient and not enjoyable. Furthermore, this map is far too weak in terms of mechanics. That's why Buried is known as one of the most boring zombies maps in Call of Duty.



One of the worst Call of Duty Zombie maps, Infection is a map of Advanced Warfare made by Sledgehammer Games. This overwhelming Advanced Warfare zombies map comes with the Exo Zombies mode. Players and zombies traveled the maps in the highly contentious sophisticated movement suits in the Exo Zombies game mode.

What makes this mode bad is its very boring missions and gameplay. In this game mode you are constantly forced to do missions and this prevents you from enjoying the game. For example, you will have a few survivors to protect during the match and this makes the game unbearable. Even though this map had the best zombies of all time in the game, everyone would find it boring.


The Darkest Shore

Among the worst Zombies maps is The Darkest Shore, which belongs to Call of Duty: WWII. The reason why this zombies mode is not liked is because the maps are too slippery. This actually applies to all Call of Duty: WWII maps. The Darkest Shore is usually played by dedicated fans of the game. Other than that, you won't see many Call of Duty players choosing to play this map.

In addition, we cannot say that The Darkest Shore is very heartwarming in terms of graphics and design. There is unnecessary fog and darkness on the map and this makes it difficult to play the game because you cannot see clearly. That's why one of the least liked Call of Duty Zombie maps is The Darkest Shore. However, since it is at the top of our list, we can say that it is the best map compared to the remaining maps.

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