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Best CS2 (CSGO) Classes to play like a Pro

We've got a list of the very best CS2 (CSGO) gaming courses available to anyone looking to up their gameplay, without necessarily breaking the bank.

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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Best CS2 (CSGO) Classes to play like a Pro

The best CS2 (CSGO) Classes

Just like many goods and services online, there are a lot of different options to pick and choose from, and that can make it hard to determine what the best options are.

GamerzClass for CS2 (CSGO)

Inside GamerzClass' for CS2 (CSGO), you're provided with 7 different video courses, each with its own teacher and representative specialty. GamerzClass takes some of the best in the business in regards to the CS2 (CSGO) pro scene and has them teach you.

Here are the 7 courses and their respective pros:

  • Teaches Entry Fragging - by Rush
  • Teaches In-Game Leading - by Snappi
  • Teaches CS2 (CSGO) for Beginner's - by Glace
  • Teaches Rifling & Support - by Twistzz
  • Teaches Clutching & Tactics - by Maniac
  • Teaches Support & Lurking - by NBK
  • Teaches Basic CS2 (CSGO) - by Pimp

The way the site works is through taking a small subscription fee of $9.99 a month and you're given access to all of the CS2 (CSGO) courses available on the website. You don't just get 1, you don't just get 2, you're given access to all 7 to watch whenever the mood strikes and you are looking to improve in-game.


Not only that, though, you are also invited to a premium Discord server, which has other like-minded individuals you can play and discuss strategies with. There's even the opportunity to ask questions on the server, of which will then be answered in real-time. It doesn't take long to get the answers you seek and it's all wrapped conveniently in GamerzClass' subscription service.You're free to explore everything the service provides to you during a 3-day period and there isn't a single aspect of the service that you'll be held away from, meaning you don't even need to pay a dime to see what GamerzClass is all about.


In general, the courses in total have over 20+ hours of content, all in beautifully bite-sized mini-episodes that can be watched at your viewing pleasure. Each episode can range between 5-20 minutes per part and it makes the whole experience very simple to pick up and enjoy at a pace you're comfortable with.


This one service manages to provide a lot, all into one singular package, and for the low-low price of $9.99 a month; a price that is arguably cheaper than some other competitors on the market right now.


ProGuides for CS2 (CSGO)

ProGuides' is another one of these premium services that give you more than enough to help you on your professional CS2 (CSGO) journey. While admittedly the site's courses aren't as long as others, it comes with the added benefit that you're given the chance to chat and work with professional coaches who work for the site.

Why just learn from a pro's video course, when you can be taught by the real deal and have them analyze everything you're doing right and wrong? At least not when you can have both at your disposal!Now, to answer the question, what are the current video courses available on ProGuides:

  • Teaches CS2 (CSGO) Mechanics - by ProGuides
  • Teaches CS2 (CSGO) Basics - by ProGuides
  • Teaches Weapon Precision - by ProGuides
  • Teach Pro Fundamentals - by S1mple


Each of these video courses is segmented into several different videos, each with its own particular niche and topic that they focus on. What's nice about these is just how short and bite-sized they truly are, so you can effectively watch a couple of parts before you jump into your next ranked game. On top of these 4 video courses, you also have access to all of this:

  • 24/7 Live Coaching with a 4-Hour Bundle
  • Unlimited Chats with Coaches
  • A 10% Discount off Coaching Sessions


You get all of this for $7.99 a month, but it should be noted that it's taken out of your account on an annual basis, rather than monthly, so do bear that in mind. When you compare this package to others that are on the market, though, you really do get quite the overall package with this one, with little to really worry about overall and with plenty of expert help on your side too.

Udemy: Play Like a Pro in CS2 (CSGO)

Udemy is what could be considered the black sheep of the 3, down to the fact that Udemy doesn't solely do video game courses. The platform itself is used by all sorts of different training services, which, if anything, should speak to the value of the platform.

This particular course, however, is taught by none other than N0thing himself, a man who admittedly has over 18 years' worth of experience in competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Plus, with the added experience of previously being a coach, he is uniquely qualified to teach others in his own video course.


Here's what will be covered in his video course:

  • Master Rotations & Mid-Round Play
  • Explore Ways to Create Strategies
  • How to Excel at Early Round Planning
  • Master the Mechanics of Movement
  • Reflect on Own Play to Practice & Develop Skills
  • Master Late Game & Clutching

In this 3.5 hour course, N0thing will be covering all of this and more. Anything that isn't on his list of what to learn isn't something that's worth learning at the end of the day.You get all of this for the low price of £19.99. Admittedly, this is the priciest of the 3, but whereas the previous 2 were subscription services, for a one-time fee of £19.99, you will have permanent access to the video course and all of its teachings. When you take into consideration that over 6,000 people has left positive reviews since the course's inception.

PlayMaster's Software

Thanks to PlayMaster, we've got an added bonus of a brand-new, currently in beta software that helps you improve in CS2 (CSGO) from every possible angle, without needing to pay a single penny. The software is completely free to sign-up for and download right now while giving you constant ways to improve.

Here's what comes included with the software overall:

  • Custom Maps & Training Levels
  • Daily Challenges to Complete & Improve Upon
  • Track Your Progress & View Analytics/Insight
  • Compare Yourself to Others & Pros


With the software installed, it's designed to track how you play on several different custom maps and training levels to gauge how you perform in terms of your spray, tracking, perception, peeking, and flicking. All of these are skills and abilities that can be easily tracked throughout the software and will help you to realize your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses.Once you're finished with a day's worth of training in the software, you can even compare how you've done against other players and professionals.Every time you commit to practicing on one of these maps, the software will determine how and where you need to improve in terms of your physical gameplay. Sure, it may not teach you like some of the video courses on offer, but the fact it literally tells you what to improve on after each training level, you're in for a good time!

Who are these masterclasses for?

When it comes to the target audience for these services, it's for the type of person that's looking to up their overall gameplay and tactical knowledge with CS2 (CSGO). Being someone that has just jumped into CS2 (CSGO) for the first time ever, then it isn't the kind of course for you. Sure, you'll pick up some good habits right from the very beginning, but there's still free content out there that can do that for you.

All 3 of these courses have plenty of extra knowledge that can be siphoned from each and every single one. Even though just the use of a singular one, you're going to be seeing some serious improvement within less than a month, maybe even in less time than that depending on just how hard you go with each of the courses.For this reason and many others; anyone that is looking to become the next best thing in CS2 (CSGO) or wishes to learn how to play like the pros do, then be sure to give one of these 3 a go!

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