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How To Use The Grenade Tracer Command In CS2 (CSGO)

Grenades are essential in CS2 (CSGO), and the grenade tracer is one of the most useful commands if you're looking to hone your utility skills.

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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How To Use The Grenade Tracer Command In CS2 (CSGO)

The grenade tracer command is a CS2 (CSGO) practice command to show the trajectory of the grenades you throw in private servers. When the grenade tracer command is enabled, you can see a trail of the travel journey of grenades.

grenade tracer

The tracer will help you practice your grenade throwing and find new flashbang or smoke lineups. Remember that if you want to reach Global Elite, you’ll need proper utility usage, and this command will help you learn grenade lineups that you can integrate into your competitive CS2 (CSGO) matches!

How Can I Use The Grenade Tracer Command?

Before we teach you how to use the grenade tracer command, remember that you will only be able to use this command in a private server, as you will need cheats enabled. You cannot use this command in official Valve servers!

Step 1 - Load Into A Private Practice Server

As we’ve mentioned above, you must be on a private server where you or your friend is the host. You can use a locally hosted server or join a community server where cheats can be enabled.

Step 2 - Turn On Cheats

To use the command, you’ll need to enable cheats. In order to enable cheats, you will have to type in the command “sv_cheats 1” after opening your developer console.

sv_cheats 1

Step 3 - Input The Grenade Tracer Command

The table below will give you a list of all the grenade tracer commands. Simply copy and paste the commands into your console the same way you put in the “sv_cheats 1” command earlier!



sv_grenade_trajectory 1

This command is the command that will allow you to see the trails of your grenade. If you want to turn it off, re-input the command, but use “0” as the value.

sv_grenade_trajectory_time 8

This time command adjusts how long you will be able to see the grenade tracers. We recommend setting the command to eight seconds. If you want to adjust the time, simply replace “8” with your desired value.

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