Master Guardian 1 CS:GO Rank | All you need to know

Master Guardian I (also known as MG1) is the first rank after passing the Gold division (Gold Nova I — Gold Nova Master).


Is MG1 good?

Being a Master Guardian I puts you approximately in the top 33% of all players, which means that your skills are higher than two-thirds of the whole CS:GO community. We can safely say that the skills offered by players of this rank are pretty good, but they are a bit short of the top-level gameplay (such as presented at major tournaments). At this rank you will already see the use of the most popular strategies, well-thought-out grenades and above-average aim skills.

Ways to improve from Master Guardian I

Gold Nova is history; you have entered a higher level. Here are some tips to help you climb even higher!

Try Headshot-only FFA Deathmatch

Community Servers offer a ton of places where you can practice your head aiming. Try this kind of Deathmatch as a practice or warm-up.

Practice your aim skills regularly

Even if you don't feel like playing ranked games on a given day, just go for some Deathmatch or Aim Map for at least a few minutes. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Learn to play with sniper rifles (AWP/SSG)

Sniper rifles can be the absolute MVP on some maps. Even if you haven't considered yourself a top sniper until now, knowing how to play AWP will definitely prove helpful.

Avoid playing with aggressive/unfriendly players

Don't waste your time on players who spend the entire game complaining and insulting others. The right mindset is key!

How many hours do you need to play CSGO to become Master Guardian I?

We think the average Master Guardian I player has a minimum of 500 hours in CS:GO on their Steam account. This value can be 4 times higher or lower depending on what rank the player started at.