Master Guardian Elite CS:GO Rank | All you need to know

Master Guardian Elite (also known as MGE/Double AK) is the thirteenth (counting from the lowest) rank in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranking system.

MG Elite CSGO Rank
MG Elite CSGO Rank

Is MGE good?

Being a Master Guardian Elite puts you approximately in the top 19% of all players. That's a pretty good rank, especially if you are relatively new to Counter-Strike. If this is your first rank, it bodes very well for your future.

Ways to improve from Master Guardian Elite

As Master Guardian Elite, you are better than four-fifths of all CS:GO players. See what you can do to get even higher:

Don't play with people who don't care about winning.

This may seem obvious, but many players forget it. If you don't want to be seen as a typical casual player, don't play with typical casuals.

Take care of your gear.

Mouse, microphone, mouse pad, keyboard, headset, chair. Make sure that your gaming gear and hardware will provide you with a stable gaming experience.

Start competing in online tournaments.

Online tournaments can be a great option to practice, meet new players, and win skins or money. Check out sites like FACEIT, ESEA, ESL, and Toornament.

Practice your weakest points

If you eliminate your most significant weaknesses, your game will simply get better. Find out what's missing and do your best to improve it.

Learn some strategies for ECO and pistol rounds

Winning the eco and pistol rounds can turn the game around 180 degrees. Practice this aspect with your team more often than you used to.

How many hours do you need to play CSGO to become Master Guardian Elite?

Master Guardian Elite players typically have around 600-800 hours played. Nevertheless, this time can be much shorter for players who have had some experience with similar FPS games.