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Is Splitgate Dead?

Everything about the short life and quick death of Splitgate’s player base
Is Splitgate Dead?

Splitgate is a classic arena shooter with gameplay heavily inspired by the Halo series but with a unique twist that differentiates it from other entries in the competitive shooter market. The players can traverse and place portals in certain parts of the game's map, much like the famous Valve Portal games, which can create a layer of possibilities and unique moments during the fast-paced gameplay.

Splitgate Short Success

When Splitgate reached its peak number of concurrent players in July 2021, the game was still in its beta phase. Which doesn't mean much for today's standards, where games can stay in beta or early access for more than years. In reality, the game was out for more than a year before its short success. But how did this instant success happen in the first place? Many would argue that Splitgate experienced a perfect storm created by two distinct events.

Is Splitgate Dead gameplay portals

The first and most relevant event was the hype created in the Halo community for the upcoming release of Halo Infinite. The hype train was so huge that many players were desperately looking for something to play that was close to the Halo experience, and they found that playing Splitgate. It didn't take long for Halo content creators to jump into the game, starting a chain reaction of new players coming and enjoying this fresh arena shooter experience. The second thing that brought new players to Sliptgate was the exodus happening in Call of Duty Warzone due to the cheating problems that were happening at that time. Players got sick of Activision not taking care of this problem, so they stopped playing the game and started trying out some other shooters. They started playing Valorant, others tried Apex Legends, and some began to play Splitgate.

Is Splitgate Dead?

No. The game servers are still running, but the number of players can lead to long queue times to find a game. In the same way that the skyrocketing success started, it also ended. For four months, Splitgate kept a medium of 50.000 concurrent players on Steam only, but after these months, this number rarely got above 2.000 concurrent players. The motives for that are simple. 

Why is Spligate Dead?

Splitgate just didn't manage to keep their players engaged with the game, so at the moment that the cheating issue got mostly solved in Warzone, players just got back to play Warzone. The same goes for Halo players that just wanted a substitute until Halo Infinite was released, so when the game finally came out in November, they simply quit playing Splitgate.

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