How To Earn Money Playing Splitgate

Discover the best ways to make money playing Splitgate! (Tested by Us for You)

Updated on Sep 13, 2023
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How To Earn Money Playing Splitgate

This game isn't as popular as other online free to play typical FPS titles, and because of that fact, there aren't many ways to earn money playing Splitgate. Despite the fact that Splitgate is a game in which Halo meets Portal and a quite entertaining game as well, it never managed to become more recognized in the gaming community.

But that doesn't mean there are no ways to profit from Splitgate, so today, we'll show you the best approaches to profit from this free to play title.

Using Buff Game

When we mentioned profiting from Splitgate, that doesn't necessarily have to mean earning money. So the first method we're about to show you is, a reward-based service that you can use to get fantastic rewards, including both physical and digital goods of all sorts. And the best thing about it? It's 100% pbuttive, which means you'll only have to install and run it, and forget about even having it!


This program functions by scanning your K/D/A ratio in Splitgate in all game modes, how well you place portals, whether you complete your objective on time, and other elements of the game. Once it does, it will reward you with their virtual currency - Buff Coins, which you can later use to buy stuff on Buff Marketplace.


So, in essence, the better you perform in Splitgate, the more Buff Coins you'll receive. It's also worth mentioning that there are various weekly challenges that will award you with bonus Buff Coins for completing them, but this is completely optional and you won't have to complete them unless you want to.

And for those who think this is another crypto mining software, a scam, or anything in between, we did a thorough review of to prove them wrong and show that this service is genuine and that it's a perfect way to profit from Splitgate and any other free to play game available.


Streaming And Making Videos

Splitgate by no means falls into the category of the hottest games out there, which is why it's logical to buttume that making YouTube videos related to Splitgate can be a very challenging way to earn money.

However, this is a very niche game, which also means that competition isn't as fierce as in the case of some other, more popular titles. And because of that, it's much easier to get noticed by making fun and engaging videos about this game and its game modes.


But that doesn't mean that anyone can make money with this method, especially since it takes lots of dedication, patience, video editing skills, and of course, familiarity with the game.

There are several ways to profit by making Splitgate videos on YouTube, such as from ad revenue, sponsorship, or even donations.

Patience is essential here because you would need to get a few thousand subscribers first, after which you can start making money. But this won't happen overnight, and you can speed up this process by making super attractive, high-quality videos that are both informative and entertaining.


On top of this, if you know how to promote your videos, do SEO, and include relevant keywords, you'll be able to get more subscribers over a shorter period and start making money sooner.

Bonus Method: Get Free Splitcoin Using Freecash

If you're only interested in getting Splitcoin or a way to get a battle pbutt, rather than trying to make money out of Splitgate, we have a solution for you - Freecash. In essence, you can use this reward-based service to complete online tasks offered on their website or a mobile app.

In turn, you'll get virtual currency called Freecash Coins that you can exchange for over 20 available rewards, including Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation credits, then use it to get Splitcoins, buy a battle pbutt, or anything from the item shop!

You can begin in just a few simple steps, so for a start, make sure to sign up on their website or a mobile app, then move to the "Earn" page. There, you'll find several offers that feature all sorts of online tasks you may complete to receive Freecash Coins.


Getting Freecash Coins is quite simple, although a bit time-consuming, but once you get enough of them, move to the "Cashout" page. You'll then be able to exchange your Freecash Coins with Steam, Xbox Live, or PlayStation gift cards (to name a few).

Select one of these services, depending on the device you're playing Splitgate on.


Regardless of your choice, the principle is basically the same - you'll get to choose between four available sums that you can obtain based on the amount of your Freecash Coins. Simply click on one of them and select the "Withdraw," after which you'll receive a gift card code that you can redeem and top up your account.

If you'd like to find out all the particulars about this service, make sure to check out our detailed review of Freecash, which answered all questions about it and proved its legitimacy.

Also, here's a bonus code that you can use to spin the wheel and get the chance to win up to $250! To be eligible to use it, you'll need to verify your email address upon registering.

Next time you open the Freecash website or an app, simply enter "TGG" into the popup and potentially win some extra money.



Before considering this method, you'll need to possess an outstanding skill level in Splitgate, although you won't need to play professionally. For those unfamiliar with the term "Boosting" in gaming, this is essentially a form of (legal) cheating, when a skilled player signs into the account of an amateurish player in order to increase the rank of the account, unlock specific achievements or reach any other in-game goals, and in turn, get paid for that service.

In short, if you're a decent Splitgate player, you can use your skills to profit by becoming a Splitgate booster and helping other players climb the rank ladder for a reasonable price.


Of course, unless you're a viral personalized content creator or pro player, you won't be able to boost solo - you'll need to register at freelancing websites such as Fiverr or Upwork or at one of the game-boosting websites, where you'll have to take fees in consideration as well. 

The good thing about Splitgate boosting is that there aren't many competitors like in other online FPS titles (CoD: Warzone, CS2 (CSGO)), so you'll be able to find clients much faster and easier.


While other free to play games have so many ways of monetization, this is unfortunately not the case with Splitgate. Its popularity is simply insufficient; therefore, there are only a few ways to make money with this game.

So basically, you'll need to be skilled at this game or get recognized on YouTube to earn some decent money. But if you're looking for a way to profit as soon as possible, we advise you to use, because even though you won't make money with it, you'll get valuable rewards that you can sell for cash.


Besides Splitgate, you can also earn money playing  Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, and even LoL and Minecraft.

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