The Best Ways to get the Most Viewer Points in Smite

You might have heard the term Viewer Points being thrown around when talking about Smite. But what are they? Let's find out.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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The Best Ways to get the Most Viewer Points in Smite

What are Viewer Points in Smite?

Viewer Points are a form of currency that you can exchange for skins in the in-game store.


To get them you don't actually have to play the game, you just have to watch someone else play the game. But not just anyone mind you, you have to watch the streamers that have drops enabled over at Twitch to be eligible to earn viewer points, as the way you earn viewer points has been integrated into the twitch drops system. So let's take a look at how all of this works in detail.

What is the Twitch Drops System

The Twitch Drops system is a system that Twitch put in place to bring engagement to a game and to bring new players in, while also engaging the already existing crowd. It does this by allowing a studio to give in-game items to people who actively watch and engage with streamers who are playing their game. The more you watch a stream that has drops enabled for that game - the more viewer points you get. Hi-Rez Studios use this system to reward the viewers with free skins in Smite. These can range anywhere from Tier 5 Smite skins - to what could be considered Tier 1 Smite skins.

Ideally, you can earn up to 1250 viewer points in 4 hours, this is bumped up to 2500 if you have a viewer pbutt. On top of all that, it's important to remember that there are only 7 rewards that you can earn in a week, with each reward requiring an unlock before you can progress to the next one. Each reward costs 1250 viewer points, so without a viewer pbutt, you'd have to spend 28 hours per week just watching streams to unlock all 7 rewards.

And remember to always claim your rewards before Tuesday, as Tuesday is the day that the counter resets and new rewards become available.


For Smite, these items come in the form of cool skins and other in-game items. And usually, if there's a big event happening, there are some limited-time skins. Pretty cool right?

How to Earn and Redeem Viewer Points

Now that we know what viewer points are, let's talk about how you can actually get them.

  1. Firstly, you must link your Smite account with your Twitch account. You can do this by going to the links section of your Smite account and linking it from there.


  1. Watch a streamer who has viewer points turned on. Each time there's a milestone that can be claimed - claim it.
  2. Watch the stream until you reach 100% progress on the drop. You may then claim the drop, or alternatively, you can visit the Twitch Drops inventory page and do it manually.
  3. After you've claimed the viewer points you've earned on Twitch, you can boot up the game and your hard-earned viewer points should show up in-game. If they don't, just restart the game or play a match. It sometimes takes a bit for the points to get confirmed to your account.

How to Optimally Earn Viewer Points

As with all things, there's debate about which method to use to optimally earn Viewer Points. Here's the main problem. You can't just put the stream in the background, you actively need to check back in to see if you've reached a milestone. You must always come back and collect these milestones or else the bar won't progress. So, if you forget the stream in the background and come back a couple of hours later, instead of having 1250 Viewer Points - you'll be greeted with a milestone you didn't open.


So here's the most optimal method most people use. Get yourself a portable device that can watch a stream, a smartphone or a tablet will do just fine. Find a streamer who is playing Smite and has drops turned on. Turn the volume down on the stream and put it on the lowest quality so as to not burden your internet connection as much. The reason you turn down the volume and not mute the stream is because, if you mute it, then your progress is halted. After that, just carry around the smartphone or tablet with you around as you go about your day. Just remember to check in often to collect any milestones that may have been unlocked. 

Oh, and don't stress too much if any viewer points you've claimed haven't updated instantly as soon as you get back in the game. Sometimes it takes a few hours to process the update. Just play a game or log in to the Smite client again and the problem should be fixed. 

Other than viewer points, you might also be interested in how to get gems in SMITE. Don't worry, we have you covered there too. 

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