How many Primogems are there in Genshin Impact?

Primogems are the main currency for getting characters in Genshin Impact but just how many Primogems can you get in Genshin Impact?

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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How many Primogems are there in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is all about Primogems as they are the currency that allows you to wish for new characters and also allows you to refill resin but there are a limited number available to players in the land of Teyvat.

How do you get Primogems?

Since Primogems are the most valuable currency in the game, there are a bunch of ways that you can get them. The first, and the easiest, way to obtain Primogems is through just straight up buying them through Genesis Crystals.


Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game which means that they need to make money somehow. The main way Genshin makes money is through selling Primogems but there are a lot of free Primogems in Genshin Impact, and they keep getting increased as the game updates.

Free Primogems are the lifeblood of free-to-play players and those can be divided into two different types.

Static Primogems

Static Primogems are those that are available to players anytime they play the game. These Primogems do not disappear from the world and are available to be claimed as long as players complete the requirements for getting them.

Static Primogems are rewards that you get from opening chests, fulfilling quests, completing hangout events, unlocking achievements, and doing region specific activities such as collecting Oculi and unlocking new teleport waypoints.


These are Primogems players can get anytime throughout the course of their playthrough and they will not disappear no matter how much time goes by. That is a good thing because you can spend time on variable Primogems first without risking missing out on any rewards. These are account specific which means that you will only get these once and then never again.

Variable Primogems

Variable Primogems are those that players can miss out on if enough time passes. These are much more important as they will disappear if players don't claim them on time. These Primogems pertain to the compensation that players get when a new update drops, rewards from the Spiral Abyss, events, daily commissions, web events, and daily check in rewards.

Compensation through Mail

Genshin Impact provides Primogems to players because of server down time, bug fixes, and known issues. These Primogems show up in the mail right after an update in the form of 300 Primogems but the amount can go much higher depending on how long the server was down.

The way it works is usually players get 300 Primogems at the rate of 60 Primogems per every hour the servers are down. The server maintenance can last much longer though and players can receive upwards of 600 Primogems at a time. Players also get compensated if issues are found in the game which nets you about 100 Primogems per issue as well.


One thing that is important to note is that these mails disappear if they are not claimed in time so make sure to log in and check your mail as soon as the game updates.

Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss is a great source of Primogems players can get without too much difficulty. After you have completed Floor 8 of the Spiral Abyss you have access to 4 more floors that reset every two weeks. That means you have access to a total number of 2400 Primogems every month if you manage to get a perfect rating on every floor in Genshin.

Getting a perfect score every two weeks is incredibly hard as the modifiers for the battle change constantly but you can get at least 1000 Primogems every month from the Spiral Abyss pretty easily.


The events in Genshin Impact can be divided into main events and side events. Main events are ones that take place mostly over the course of the whole update and reward you with a total of 1000 Primogems whereas side events give you a total amount of 420 Primogems.

With the amount of new events that happen in Genshin you can expect around 2000 Primogems from just events, depending on how many and how big the events are in every update.

Daily Commissions

Daily commissions are the bread and butter of every seasoned adventurer. Every day you get 4 commissions which net you 10 Primogems per daily commission. You also get a bonus for doing all of them which means that you can get 60 Primogems per day. That totals to 1800 Primogems per month for doing five minutes worth of work.


Daily commissions also reward you with Adventure EXP which is incredibly useful for ascending Adventure ranks quickly in Genshin to unlock better rewards and build characters to their max potential.

Web Events

Genshin Impact usually has one web event per update, maybe two if players are lucky. These don't give out many Primogems but they are a good supplementary way of getting Primogems without having to actually play the game. You can get enough Primogems for one pull in Genshin per web event but in certain cases you can get more. It all depends on the event itself.

Daily Check In Rewards

Genshin Impact also rewards players for completing daily check ins. This check in takes place outside of the game so you will have to use a browser to do it but you can get 60 Primogems for the month plus additional rewards as well.

Are there Additional Primogems in Genshin Impact?

Those are all the common sources of Primogems players are able to get without much trouble. There are also some special sources for Primogems that are not available to all and require a lot more effort.

Genshin Impact is very focused on fostering a community which means they periodically promote contests, giveaways, and promotional codes. Contests usually take the form of creator challenges where you get rewarded for art that you create using Genshin Impact.

You can also get additional Primogems through giveaways that take place because of collaborations and through codes that are generated to promote the game. The codes are the most important of the three here as they give you Primogems for just putting them in.

Codes are commonly released through the livestream events that take place before every update and gives players 300 Primogems for just redeeming them.

What is the Primogem Total in Genshin Impact?

With the addition of new areas and more Primogems being added per patch in Genshin, the total number of Primogems players can get just keeps increasing. Therefore, it is hard to estimate how many Primogems players can get throughout the game but if you are a new player you can easily expect tens of thousands of Primogems just hidden in the game.

Since the game keeps being constantly updated, and more and more Primogems are added into the game, the true number of Primogems that players can expect during a playthrough is around 100,000. Keep in mind thought that that number is only going to go up the more updates the game gets.

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