How To Make Blue Carpet In Minecraft

Ever you're building an ocean theme base and need to prevent mob spawn? Blue Carpet is the best choice for you! Today, we'll show you how to craft Blue Carpet.

Updated on Nov 15, 2023
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How To Make Blue Carpet In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Blue Carpet

Blue Carpet is one of the variations of carpet in Minecraft. You can either craft it in two ways, by directly using Blue Wool, or crafting it from White Carpet. Besides a sheep farm, you will need a blue dye supply source.

  • 2x Blue Wool
  • OR 8x White Carpet and 1x Blue Dye

How To Craft Blue Carpet in Minecraft

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#1 Collect 2x Blue Wool

You can find Blue Wool spawn naturally in the Wool room in the Woodland mansion structure. It contains 46 Blue Wool by default.


Another way to get Blue Wool is to kill or shear Blue Sheep. They will drop 1x Blue Wool on death and not be affected by the Looting enchantment. If you use a shear, they will drop 1-3x Blue Wool.


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#2 Collect 8x White Carpet

You can find White Carpet naturally in generated structures like Igloos and Villages.


You can also craft 3x White Carpet by using 2x White Wool.


The final way to get White Carpet is to trade with the shepherd village. They sell 4x White Carpet for 1x Emerald.


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Collect 1x Blue Dye

You can find Lapis Lazuli ore underground, when mining it with a pickaxe or smelt in the furnace, you will receive 1x Lapis lazuli. Simply put 1x Lapis lazuli in the crafting grid to craft 1x Blue Dye.


Another way to craft Blue Dye is to use Cornflower. They usually spawn in Plains, Sunflower plains, Flower forests, and Meadow biome. You can turn 1x Cornflower into 1x Blue Dye.

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Finish off crafting a Blue Carpet

When you have 2x Blue Wool, put them side by side in the crafting grid to craft 3x Blue Carpet.


If you have 8x White Carpet and 1x Blue Dye, right-click the crafting table and put 1x Blue Dye in the middle, and surround it with 8x White Carpet to craft 8x Blue Carpet.


Alternatively, you can trade 1x Emerald with the shepherd village for 4x Blue Carpet.

What is the give command to get a Blue Carpet?

The command to give yourself a Blue Carpet is: /give @p blue_carpet 1

Congratulations on your Blue Carpet!

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