How To Make Exposed Cut Copper In Minecraft

Need to craft some Exposed Cut Copper in Minecraft real quick? Read this guide and we will show you how!
How To Make Exposed Cut Copper In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Exposed Cut Copper

Exposed Cut Copper block is the second stage of the oxidation process of the Cut Copper block in Minecraft. Despite the fact that the block is not looking good with a mixture of orange and teal color, Exposed Cut Copper is quite hard to get since you need to wait at least 50-82 Minecraft days.

  • 4x Exposed Copper

How to craft Exposed Cut Copper in Minecraft

#1 Collect 4x Exposed Copper

Exposed Copper can be obtained by placing Block of Copper in the world. It will turn into Exposed Copper after at least 50 Minecraft days. Then you can just harvest them with a pickaxe.

block of copper to exposed copper

If you have any Weathered Copper, right-click with an Axe in your hand will turn it into 1x Exposed Copper.

weathered copper to exposed copper

#2 Finish off crafting an Exposed Cut Copper

When you have 4x Exposed Copper, press E to open your inventory and place them in a 2x2 shape to craft 4x Exposed Cut Copper.

craft exposed cut copper

You can also use the Stonecutter to cut 1x Exposed Copper into 4x Expose Cut Copper blocks.

cut exposed cut copper

Additionally, you can just place the Cut Copper block outside the world and wait for 50-82 Minecraft days so it can change its state to exposed.

cut copper to exposed cut copper

What is the give command to get an Exposed Cut Copper?

The command to give yourself an Exposed Cut Copper is: /give @p exposed_cut_copper 1

Congratulation on your Exposed Cut Copper!

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