How To Make Red Torch In Minecraft

Today, we will show you how to craft a Red Torch in Minecraft!
How To Make Red Torch In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Red Torch

Red Torch is one of the common variations of Colored Torch in Minecraft. They can only be crafted in Minecraft Education and Bedrock edition. Red Torch emits a gloomy red light and can be easily crafted.

  • 1x Torch
  • 1x Mercuric Chloride

How to craft Red Torch in Minecraft


Collect 1x Torch

Torch can spawn naturally in most structures in Minecraft. Mineshafts, Villages, Strongholds, Igloos, Woodland Mansions, and Pillager Outposts have a small chance to contain 1-12x Torch in them.

woodland mansion

But the official way to get Torch is to craft them using 1x Stick and 1x Coal/Charcoal. This recipe will yield 4x Torch. You can get Coal by mining in mountains and Stick by chopping some woods.

craft torch

Another way to get Torch is to loot chests in Villages and Mineshafts. Savanna villages contain only 1-2x Torch while chests in Mineshafts may contain 1-16x Torch.

torch in chest


Collect 1x Mercuric Chloride

Mercuric Chloride is one of the Compounds in Minecraft Education Edition, which is a combination of two elements: Mercury and Chlorine.

mercuric chloride

You can only craft Mercuric Chloride by using the Compound Creator. Right-click the block and place 1x Mercuric and 2x Chlorine to the grid to craft 1x Mercuric Chloride.


Finish off crafting a Red Torch

When you have 1x Torch and 1x Mercuric Chloride, simply put the Mercuric Chloride on top of the Torch in the crafting grid to craft 1x Red Torch.

red torch

What is the give command to get a Red Torch?

The command to give yourself a Red Torch is: /give @p colored_torch_rg 0

Now you have a Red Torch, let’s decorate your Nether hall!

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