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How To Make Yellow Dye In Minecraft

Yellow is one of the most stand-out colors in Minecraft. Besides gold, you can easily craft Yellow Dye just in a few steps. We'll show you how right now!
How To Make Yellow Dye In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Yellow Dye

Yellow Dye is a primary dye in Minecraft. It can be used to craft other dyes and dye most of the blocks in the game. The material to craft Yellow Dye is fairly easy to get and you can even farm them in large quantities.

  • 1x Dandelion OR 1x Sunflower
  • OR 1x Emerald

How to craft Yellow Dye in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Dandelion OR 1x Sunflower

Dandelion is a popular flower that can be generated in most of the biomes. They’re not spawned in these only 5 biomes: Swamp, Badlands, Mushroom Fields, Nether, and The End.


Different than Dandelion, the Sunflower is a rare one. You can only find them in one and only biome, Sunflower Plains.


#2 Collect 1x Emerald

You can find Emerald by breaking or smelting Emerald Ore. And Emerald Ore can only be found in certain biomes like mountains and windswept hills biomes. The higher you go, the better chance you will find one.

emerald ores

You can make yourself a villager trading hall to trade for Emerald. You can use pretty much anything from Sticks to Iron and Gold ingots.

trading hall

#3 Finish off crafting a Yellow Dye

You can put 1x Dandelion into the crafting grid to get 1x Yellow Dye.

dandelion to yellow dye

You can craft 2x Yellow Dye with 1x Sunflower. No Crafting Table is needed.

sunflower to yellow dye

If you have 1x Emerald, trade with the Wandering traders for 3x Yellow Dye.

trade yellow dye

Alternatively, you can find Yellow Dye in village mason chests.

yellow dye in chest

What is the give command to get a Yellow Dye?

The command to give yourself a Yellow Dye is: /give @p yellow_dye 1

Now you have Yellow Dye, let’s make some yellow concretes and glasses to decorate your house!

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