The Best Future Paradox Pokemon [Ranked]

Strange futuristic variants of existing Pokemon, Future Paradox Pokemon have awesome sleek designs. The best Paradox Pokemon is a great all-rounder!

Updated on Dec 14, 2023
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The Best Future Paradox Pokemon [Ranked]

1 /10

Miraidon (Iron Serpent)

Miraidon, also known as Iron Serpent in keeping with the future Paradox naming scheme, is the box art Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Violet. It's a great Pokemon. The sleek, futuristic design saw Miraidon take first place as the best lizard Pokemon.

Miraidon is my personal favorite of the future Paradox Pokémon. The whole design theme for Miraidon is great - it's a fierce dragon, but it's also a motorcycle. This is pretty ridiculous, but it just works, all coming together in a weird and wonderful melange.

Miraidon Ultimate Mode

Alongside its counterpart, the Past Paradox Pokemon Koraidon in Pokémon Scarlet, Miraidon is a constant companion to players of Pokemon Violet as it serves as the player's main form of transportation around the expansive Paldea region.

Both these Pokemon serve as the Paradox form for Cyclizar, a lizard Pokemon used by Paldean citizens as a ride Pokemon and seen in the present day Pokemon Scarlet and Violet often.

But Miraidon has to take first place as the best Paradox Pokemon from Pokemon Violet because of its stellar design, its mbuttive utility in battle, and its major importance to the story.

2 /10

Iron Moth

Iron Moth is, in my opinion, the second best Paradox Pokemon to come out of Pokemon Violet. It's got a great design, perfect for fans of futuristic design, while also evoking the look and feel of the original design for Volcarona.

And Iron Moth is an awesome Pokemon to use as well, with super high Speed, Special Defense, and Special Attack stats.

Iron Moth

This is a great Pokemon, and its winning qualities including two advantageous type match ups make it a great choice to use against Grbutt type Pokemon. As Paradox Pokémon go, Iron Moth is pretty great.

As the Paradox form for Volcarona, Iron Moth is a wonderful choice. It looks and feels like the original without being boring, and its new Poison type gives it a whole new niche to exploit. Definitely worth of being the second best future Paradox form!

3 /10

Iron Valiant

For me, Iron Valiant is a super strong contender for the number two spot, but Iron Moth just edged it out. I love both Gallade and Gardevoir, and Iron Valiant blends their designs extremely well, creating a Paradox Pokemon which stands out.

It's one of my favorite designs from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Paradox Pokémon or no.

Iron Valiant

The strong design of Iron Valiant is nice because it feels like a different Pokemon while also clearly being a Paradox Pokemon. It's a great design, and Iron Valiant is one of the strongest Paradox Pokémon.

Its strong Special Attack and Attack stats coupled with its flexible and varied movepool make Iron Valiant a powerful Paradox Pokémon. So in my opinion Iron Valiant is an easy choice for the third best future Paradox form.

4 /10

Iron Hands

The Paradox Form of Hariyama, Iron Hands has seen mbuttive use in Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Iron Hands is a nifty little Pokemon literally throws hands with the best of them, being a robotic fighter from the far future.

Although it's gained the Electric type in addition to its Fighting type!

Iron Hands

Iron Hands has truly phenomenal Attack and Defense stats, although Special stats aren't nearly so good. With a great movepool and stats, Iron Hands is helpful in a Tera Raid and works well on many teams.

Still, Iron Hands is a great choice of Pokemon to use in many Tera Raids, which has seen its use sky-rocket thanks to its great utility.

Its design isn't quite as bold as it could have been, but that's okay because Iron Hands does its job really well.

5 /10

Iron Jugulis

Iron Jugulis is another of the future Paradox Pokemon which doesn't change much from its inspiration.

Still, as a Paradox Pokemon Iron Jugulis is pretty strong, and it offers fans of Hydreigon a whole new way to enjoy their favorite Pokemon.

Iron Jugulis

And thanks to losing its Dragon typing in favor of Flying, Iron Jugulis gets a brand new immunity to Ground type moves, while also losing its double weakness to the powerful Fairy type moves.

This is an interesting choice for Iron Jugulis and elevates it slightly above where it would have been without this, as Hydreigon basically just melts as soon a Fairy type Pokemon looks at it.

6 /10

Iron Treads

Iron Treads isn't quite as useful as its Past Paradox form counterpart Great Tusk, which has seen great use in competitive battles and is a strong choice for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet era competitive play.

But Iron Treads is still a great Pokemon, with an evocative design and great stats. Being the future Paradox form of Donphan, Iron Treads has to compete with its own past Paradox form Great Tusk as well as Donphan.

Iron Treads

And unfortunately for Iron Treads, Iron Treads loses.

But in a lot of ways Iron Treads is really just a Donphan perfected, since it takes Donphan's tendency to roll up into a ball and knocks it up to 11. I like Iron Treads, although I do have to admit Great Tusk is my personal favorite past Paradox Pokemon.

7 /10

Iron Bundle

Iron Bundle is a pretty cute reimagining of Delibird. This Paradox Pokemon kind of looks like a wind-up toy.

Like a few other future Paradox Pokemon designs, Iron Bundle isn't nearly as bold as it could have been, leaving fans with what's essentially just a slightly shinier Delibird.

Iron Bundle

Between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Violet was kind of shafted when it comes to Paradox Pokemon designs.

An Ice and Water type Pokemon, Iron Bundle can use the Electric type Electric Terrain move to activate its Quark Drive Ability, a feature shared by the other Paradox Pokemon of Pokémon Violet.

But this is interesting for Iron Bundle specifically, as it's a Water type Pokemon which don't usually get options like that.

It also gets a nice spread of other moves like Freeze Dry and Icy Wind, perfect for making use of its Ice typing.

8 /10

Iron Thorns

Said to be a far future variant of fan favorite Pokemon Tyranitar, Iron Thorns is a Paradox Pokémon from Pokémon Violet and one of the Paradox designs which feels a bit lazy.

When it comes down to it, the designs from Pokémon Scarlet in my opinion are just a whole lot better. But Iron Thorns does have something to offer fans, as it's reminiscent of the mecha Tyranitar featured in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

Iron Thorns

And not only that, but its new Electric typing makes it a good choice for using Electric Terrain. Especially since all future Paradox Pokémon greatly benefit from Electric Terrain thanks to their Quark Drive Ability.

9 /10

Iron Leaves

The future Paradox form for Virizion, Iron Leaves is a shiny green metallic Pokemon that looks like a robotic version of Virizion.

For me, Iron Leaves feels like a lazy design compared with that of Walking Wake, the past Paradox Suicune released as a counterpart to Iron Leaves.

It's no doubt a powerful Paradox Pokemon, with a new type and a nicely varied moveset, but for me Iron Leaves feels too much like a familiar Pokemon, and in a way that doesn't even feel nostalgic.

Iron Leaves

Still, Iron Leaves does get the brand new Signature Move Psyblade, so it's got something going for it at least.

10 /10

Iron Crown

Much like Iron Leaves, Iron Crown is a bit of a miss for me. The future Paradox form of Cobalion, Iron Crown looks like its present-day version but a bit more mechanical. This is a new Pokemon from DLC, but it was hard for me to get excited about it.

It's no doubt a powerful Paradox Pokémon, and its new Psychic type instead of the Fighting type will no doubt let it exploit a whole new niche.

Iron Crown

But its design and overall theming falls flat for me, especially when compared with some of the truly stand out Paradox Pokemon topping the rest of this list.

And its own past Paradox Pokémon counterpart from Pokémon Scarlet, Raging Bolt, is just more interesting even with its kind of weird design.

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