Best Galarian Form Pokemon [Top 10 Ranked]

The Galar region has some of the most awesome regional variants with some absolute bangers. But which is the best Galarian form?

Updated on Dec 21, 2023
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Best Galarian Form Pokemon [Top 10 Ranked]

1 /10

Galarian Zapdos

Part of a set of Kantonian Legendary Birds, Zapdos was given a brand new regional form in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Along with Galarian Articuno and Galarian Moltres, Galarian Zapdos is a fresh new take on the Legendary Birds giving them awesome new designs along with nice new types - perfect for their inclusion in Generation VIII.


Featured in the Crown Tundra Expansion to Pokemon Sword and Shield, G-Zapdos is my personal favorite out of all six of these designs. Becoming a land based running bird like a roadrunner or a kiwi, G-Zapdos retains the spiky look of its original design while becoming something totally different. It's a bit bolder of a design choice than either Galarian Articuno or Galarian Moltres, which is really nice to see.

Gaining the Fighting type and losing its Electric type, G-Zapdos has a whole new niche in battle. Its stats all around are pretty good, although its defensive stats suffer a bit in exchange for its great Attack and Speed stats.

Although admittedly, G-Zapdos's new Ability isn't quite as good as Galarian Articuno and its Competitive Ability. But that's okay, because this design carries it right to first place!

2 /10

Galarian Rapidash

Galarian Rapidash takes the design in a completely different direction, being a much less bad-butt Pokemon. But that's absolutely fine, since G-Rapidash's new design is super cute and adorable with a look that would be right at home in the My Little Pony franchise.

Galarian Rapidash

And that goes double for Galarian Ponyta!

But more than its design - which many fans loved, from its long flowing locks to its elegant unicorn horn - Galarian Rapidash got two powerful new types - Psychic and Fairy type.

The Fairy type particularly gives Rapidash a whole new niche thanks to its immunity to Dragon type moves. An immunity which little Galarian Ponyta doesn't share, since it's a pure Psychic type Pokémon.

Its Signature Ability Pastel Veil is also pretty nice, giving it an immunity to the Poison status effect. While it's not one of my own personal favorite Pokémon, G-Rapidash is a solid Pokémon and it's extremely easy to see why it became an instant favorite form for so many fans. It absolutely deserves the penultimate spot.

3 /10

Galarian Meowth

Meowth is an extremely popular cat Pokemon, featured in the games, anime, and basically every part of the franchise. And with two unique regional variants Meowth is the only Pokemon to get such a treatment! It's even got its own unique Gigantamax form in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Generation VIII was a great time for Meowth!


And Galarian Meowth is pretty awesome, so it's a good thing for everyone that Game Freak saw fit to give it some special attention. A Steel type Pokemon with ten resistances and an immunity, G-Meowth has a wild and ferocious look that's completely different from its Kantonian form.

But for me, the best part is that G-Meowth has an exclusive evolution into Perrserker, a Viking-inspired cat Pokemon that's completely different from Persian. Perrserker melds the defensive advantages of the Steel type with its powerful Attack stat, a fitting final form for G-Meowth.

Its Hidden Ability Steely Spirit is nice for double battles too, powering up its ally's Steel type moves. In Generation IX, this boosts Perrserker's Steel moves, too.

G-Meowth is an easy pick for third place.

4 /10

Galarian Corsola

Galarian Corsola is a great design featuring a really powerful message. Corsola is a coral Pokemon, and in the real world, coral is endangered. Galarian Corsola takes this and puts it front and center with a type change to Ghost type in the Galar region.

Galarian Corsola

This is a great piece of lore, because it mirrors the real-world situation without being preachy. It also gives Corsola a whole new dimension, and a Galarian form exclusive evolution into Cursola.

G-Corsola's design is on point too, as it doesn't change very much, instead switching to a much more muted color scheme totally appropriate for its lore as a dead coral.

5 /10

Galarian Linoone

Galarian Linoone is one of the best regional variants period, but it's also a great choice for this list too. G-Linoone gives the Dark type to Linoone, formerly a Normal type Pokemon. This is pretty nice on its own, but G-Linoone gets a brand new evolution into Obstagoon.

Obstagoon is a really fitting evolution for little Galarian Zigzagoon, a Pokémon many fans never bothered using. For me, the Galarian forms of these Pokemon - complete with Obstagoon, in my opinion one of the best Galar Pokemon - were exactly what I needed to use these Pokemon.


It's a great example of how regional forms can breathe new life into a Pokemon's evolutionary family. And that's why G-Linoone is one of the best Galarian forms!

6 /10

Galarian Slowking

One of two Pokemon which can evolve from Galarian Slowpoke, Galarian Slowking has a fantastic, dark design making it look like a an evil wizard. Galarian Slowpoke is a pure Psychic type Pokemon, but Galarian Slowking gains the Poison type upon evolution.

Galarian Slowking

I love this whole evolutionary line - the Galarian version of Slowbro is also great - but Galarian Slowking in my opinion has the better design. There's just something about the evil wizard look that I like.

And its base stats are pretty good, featuring a hefty Special Attack and Special Defense, although its Speed is pretty low. It even gets a spooky signature move, Eerie Spell, which makes the most of its excellent design theme.

7 /10

Galarian Darmanitan

Galarian Darmanitan is one of my favorite regional forms, and I didn't particularly enjoy the Unovan counterpart to begin with!

Galarian Darmanitan is a pure Ice type Pokemon with all of the Ice type weaknesses, but as regional forms go, it's really nice.

Galarian SM Darmanitan

Darmanitan has a form change mechanic which changes its form in battle and gives it the Zen Mode Ability, and G-Darmanitan has the so far unique dual typing of Ice and Fire type.

Along with giving Darmanitan a nice slew of defensive advantages, Zen Mode changes its look too, making Zen Mode a two-for-one Hidden Ability!

Galarian ZM Darmanitan

Its Signature Ability Gorilla Tactics can make it a bit hard to use, since this Ability boosts its Attack power at the cost of restricting it to using the first move selected. Sort of a secret weapon if chosen well!

But this is pretty great in the right hands, as with a Choice Band, this power boost can go up to 225%!

8 /10

Galarian Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime is a great Pokemon, but it's got a controversial place in the fandom because it's kind of creepy. Which is honestly totally fair, since it's got that uncanny look and weird behaviour.

But Galarian Mr. Mime is pretty great. While it doesn't really remove the creepiness of its original design, it does evolve into Mr. Rime, an evolution unique to its Galarian form which is also one of the best humanoid Pokémon, while Mime Jr. is also one of the best baby Pokemon.

G-Mr Mime

Galarian Mr. Mime swaps its Fairy type out for the Ice type instead, which is admittedly a weaker type, but gives G-Mr. Mime a whole new dimension to its power in battle.

It might not be everyone's favorite Pokemon, but I like it anyway. And it gave us Mr. Rime!

9 /10

Galarian Weezing

As a final evolution, Galarian Weezing is pretty great. This Pokemon draws on the rich industrial history of my country, the UK, the inspiration for the Galar region, to create a Victorian-inspired industrialist Pokemon.

Weezing's lore says it's a product of pollution, and Galarian Weezing shows that with its hilarious and absurd smoke-stack top hats and green clouds of smoke. It's the perfect example of a Pokémon that really matches the lore of its region.

Galarian Weezing

All in all, a fantastic regional form.

This Galar variant is a great choice with a fun dual typing of Poison and Fairy type, which was unique to G-Weezing until the introduction of Fezandipiti in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC.

10 /10

Galarian Farfetch'd

Galarian Farfetch'd is a pure Fighting type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. A Galar region counterpart to Kantonian Farfetch'd, Galarian Farfetch'd gets the long-awaited evolution fans had wanted for little Farfetch'd.

Galarian Farfetch'd

Sirfetch'd is a great Pokemon with a brilliant design theme, although I was a bit disappointed the evolution was only given to the Galarian form.

Still, Galarian Farfetch'd is a great Pokemon whose design is close enough to the original that that doesn't really matter. Its type switchup gives it a completely new niche in battle too, which is pretty nice for fans of the original Farfetch'd.

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