Best Pokemons Based On Objects [Top 10 Ranked]

The Pokémon design philosophy offers a staggering range of acceptable forms, and some of the weirdest are the object Pokémon. Number 2 is a spooky one!

Updated on Dec 21, 2023
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Best Pokemons Based On Objects [Top 10 Ranked]

1 /10


Introduced in Generation IV's Sinnoh region, Rotom is quite possibly the ultimate inanimate object Pokemon. Technically not an object, Rotom is a ghost that haunts discarded appliances and takes on their physical forms.

But because of that Rotom has a truly staggering array of forms, each one different kinds of inanimate objects, each with different dual typings.


Rotom has a whopping six different forms, all created by its possession of different objects, spanning quite the range of types. Fan Rotom is a Flying type Pokemon while Wash Rotom is a Water type Pokemon.

But it doesn't stop there, since Rotom's other forms allow it to become a Fire type, a Grbutt type, an Ice type, and of course, a Ghost type in its base form!

This mbuttive versatility of Rotom, allowed because it can possess all sorts of different household appliances, makes Rotom the best object Pokemon! Mow Rotom is also great against Water type Pokémon!

2 /10


My personal favorite object Pokémon, Chandelure is a Fire and Ghost type Pokémon based around a haunted chandelier.

Chandelure is a powerful Pokemon with a staggering high Special Attack stat at 145, meaning it's an absolutely fantastic special attacker. Give it a pair of Wise Glbuttes and watch everything burn!


The final evolution for the truly awesome Litwick line, Chandelure is the fully evolved form and evolves from Lampent when exposed to a Dusk Stone.

The Dusk Stone based evolution method can admittedly make it a bit tricky to get a Chandelure, as Dusk Stones are often later game items, but Chandelure is a great Pokémon with a unique design that's absolutely worth waiting for.

With two immunities, to Normal and Fighting type moves, and its monstrous Special Attack, Chandelure is really fun to use in battle - perfect for fans of Fire and Ghost type Pokémon! Chandelure is even one of the best Fire type Pokemon.

3 /10


Not known to evolve into or evolve from any other Pokémon, Klefki is a sentient set of keys. Sort of. Its lore says it's a type of fairy that eats metal, which is why it's a Steel and Fairy type Pokemon. It likes to collect keys, which is why it has so many keys attached to its keyring.

Klefki is a weird little Pokemon with a unique design based on an everyday object most people lose from time to time anyway, so its lore absolutely makes sense.


I like Klefki. Not to use, necessarily - it's quite weak in battle although it does have two nice immunities, to Poison and Dragon types - but it's got a quirky design and fun lore.

And it's not necessarily bad, anyway, just has a more niche use case.

Many players complain about object Pokémon, but for me, this one is a great example of object Pokémon done very well.

4 /10


I love Palossand. What's not to love about it? It's a haunted sand castle! This is a very nice design, one that evokes many memories of building sand castles at the beach, and pairs it with spooky ghost stuff.


But Palossand is more than just a ghostly pile of sand, since its very nice Special Attack and Defense stats give it some great utility in battle too.

Palossand comes with three nice immunities as well, to Normal, Fighting, and Electric type moves, giving it a nice niche to exploit.

Its movepool is nice and varied too, giving it some great coverage moves in case of a disadvantageous type match up. Palossand is a great Pokémon from Generation VII's Alola region, and an interesting use of its tropical setting.

5 /10


Garbodor is one of the ugliest Pokémon, and honestly, it's super easy to see why, as it's a giant bag of trash. There's no getting around the fact that as inanimate objects go, bags of trash aren't anyone's favorite.

But that's part of what makes Garbodor such a memorable object Pokémon. Everyone has experience with a broken trash bag, right? And it's just awful.


Garbodor was even given a mbuttively stinky Gigantamax Form in Pokemon Sword and Shield, where it was used as an ace Pokemon for villainous Oleana.

Gigantamax Garbodor

6 /10


Magnemite is actually pretty cute in my opinion for a Pokemon based on real life magnets. Magnemite's influences are right there for all to see, as it's a floating magnet with an eye. This is quite the weird idea for a Pokemon, but it's a great choice as in my opinion it gives Magnemite a truly memorable look and feel.


The first Pokemon in the entire franchise to be given a new type, Magnemite became a dual Electric and Steel type Pokemon in the Generation II games Pokemon Gold and Silver. A bit weirdly, despite its clear levitation in game and other media like the anime, Magnemite and its evolved forms don't get the Levitate Ability.

They do get the Magnet Rise move, which simulates it, but that's not quite the same!

Magnemite was a major feature of many of my early Pokemon teams, since in early Kanto games it was one of only a handful of Electric type Pokemon, while in Johto, it was one of only four Steel types.

And Magnezone is an absolute banger of a Pokemon with a cool UFO theming and very nice attack stats. Magnemite is definitely one of the best Pokemon based on inanimate objects.

7 /10


Native to the Hoenn region, Claydol is a Pokémon constructed out of clay. Its lore says that it came to life from clay dolls constructed by ancient people, and its pre-evolved form Baltoy is found in a desert containing ancient ruins, so that kind of checks out.

Claydol and Baltoy have a totally unique dual typing in the form of Ground type and Psychic type, a combination which isn't shared by any other Pokémon. This gives Claydol a niche of its own.


Thanks to its Levitate Ability Claydol has an immunity to Ground type moves, while its Ground type makes it immune to Electric type moves as well.

Claydol has an interesting design, with base stats more suited to a defensive role than a pure attacker. So maybe give it a Rocky Helmet held item! Still, it's a great Pokémon design and it really shows off how varied the design philosophy of Pokemon can be. It's also great to use against Poison type Pokémon!

8 /10


Polteageist is a fun Pokémon that looks like a haunted teapot. Except it's not technically the teapot itself. Instead, Polteageist is apparently the tea. But it lives inside a teapot, so that makes it an object Pokemon, right?

It's definitely based on inanimate objects, anyway, as it has two different forms based around whether it's living inside an antique teapot or a reproduction. The antique form is highly sought after by players, since it's actually really hard to get in game due to the rarity of the item required for its evolution.


This makes Polteageist a really interesting Pokemon. Introduced in Generation VIII's Pokemon Sword and Shield, Polteageist is a clear reference to the UK's love of tea with that trademarked Pokémon twist.

Wise Glbuttes and its Ability can boost its Special Attack even higher, making its damage dealt very nice.

9 /10


The Honedge line is based entirely around the concept of the sword and shield. And it uses it really well, being the perfect example of an object come to life that anyone could ask for!

Blade Aegislash

For me, Aegislash is a great Pokémon that's fun to use and has an awesome design. Its high Special Defense is nice too, and with the Assault Vest held item can be boosted to truly mbuttive levels! Perfect for certain situations.

Shield Aegislash

Offering a great Attack depending on its form, Aegislash is a versatile Pokémon good at many kinds of play. This is an interesting choice, and its design is certainly one of the best based on inanimate objects in the entire franchise.

10 /10


One of the original 151, and therefore one of the original object Pokémon, Electrode has a special place in the heart of all Pokemon Red and Blue players.

In those games, items found on the ground appeared with the icon of a Pokéball.

So you'd find one and think, cool! I can pick that up. And most of the time that was true.

Except when it wasn't. Because Electrode looks like a giant Pokéball. Sometimes instead of an item players would be faced with a battle instead.


Electrode was particularly annoying because of its tendency to self-destruct, thwarting attempts to capture it.

Game Freak would use this trick to great effect later on, too, with another mimic Pokémon, Amoonguss. But Electrode is the OG inanimate object trickster, so it's more than earned its spot on this list!

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